The Importance of Hiring Reputable Contractors

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We started a kitchen and bathroom renovation project in Bethesda recently.

Our dedicated crews took every precaution, covering everything and setting up zip-walls for dust control. As they began removing drywall and wall framing to expand the mudroom, they sensed something wrong on a nearby exterior wall. Although this was beyond the designated renovation area, their instincts kicked in, and they decided to open up the wall to see what was behind it. I'm very grateful that they did, because what they found was shocking. 
They discovered extensive rot stemming from a poorly installed window and the stonework around it. The damage extended not only to the wall sheathing but also to the wall studs, plywood, and possibly the floor joists. If they hadn't trusted their instincts and looked into this further, this could have evolved into a long-term problem for our client.

Being proactive, following instincts, and prioritizing the owner's best interests are fundamental principles for our crews.

The extensive rot found below a poorly-installed window.
As the demolition continued, more anomalies surfaced. A hidden door inside a wall, electrical junction boxes buried within the ceiling (far from code-compliant), and exterior walls constructed without insulation. It's astonishing that such subpar work was done in a home. Unfortunately, there are bad contractors in the construction industry. Obtaining a contractor's license isn’t all that challenging, and some people don’t necessarily do the job right. 

In every market there are reputable building contractors, Natelli Homes included.
Choose based on reputation, referrals, and projects you can tour with your potential contractor. Regrettably, a lower-priced contractor can bring a host of issues.

I take pride in the fact that Natelli Homes offers competitive prices with the quality services we provide. If you need a renovation done right, reach out to us today and we are happy to talk it through with you.