For decades, Natelli Homes has led the industry in home renovations and remodeling. The focus is on communicating with the client in a professional and friendly manner, while addressing every critical decision along the way.

While we were building new custom homes in the first 20 years of our company, we found ourselves with opportunities in renovations.  Perhaps it was the Natelli brand that expanded organically into renovations.  We often remodel homes we built decades ago.  Remodeling is a unique skill set and we are really good at it.  We know how to manage budgets, timing, selections and the overall process.  Remodeling can be difficult for a client, but we know how to make it easier.  It takes a lot of planning, ordering materials on-time and starting when it's appropriate for the client, not when it's best for the Contractor.  

When one finishes with our design team, our construction team is ready and informed about any unique variables on the project.  A seamless transition from design to construction is essential,  Natelli Homes has literally hundreds of successfully completed design / build projects. Nothing pleases us more than to get a referral from a past client or have a past client call us for another project.  It happens a lot and we hope we can work with you on your next renovation.

Experience the difference of working with a dedicated team that is passionate about creating beautiful homes. Natelli Homes can turn your vision into reality.
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