Sharing About a Hobby of Mine this National Hobby Month

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Over a decade ago, I dove into the world of car restorations. Little did I know, I was diving into the deep end. Over the years I've owned a total of six vehicles with the intention to restore. I ended up selling one before ever restoring it but successfully completed the transformation of the remaining five. As I approach the final stages of one restoration, my gaze is already set on the next project. Surprisingly, I don't hold onto many of them; the allure lies in the restoration process rather than keeping and driving the cars. 

The parallels between car restorations and remodeling homes are striking:

They both follow a similar path, from dissecting the skeleton to uncover structural issues to the meticulous final touches. The groundwork laid at the beginning significantly influences the success of the end product.

Have you ever walked into a home and noticed that the casing around the doors seemed hastily modified to fit the wall opening? During the framing stage, our supervisors pose a crucial question: "How wide is the casing?" They ask this question because they understand the aesthetic pitfalls of trimmed casing around a door or opening. Armed with this knowledge during framing, adjustments can be made to the door size or adjacent wall locations, ensuring that the casing fits seamlessly without requiring modification. This foresight during the structural stages prevents unwelcome surprises during the trimming phase months later.
Planning ahead during the foundational stages leads to near-perfect results; whether in car restoration or home remodeling.

My proficiency as a builder has undoubtedly been enhanced by my car restoration hobby, and I believe my colleagues also reap the benefits. For builders, success hinges on the finish, the final evaluation, and the enduring quality of the work. Cars mirror this principle. Consider the journey from the humble beginnings of a Triumph TR6 to its stunning completion. Planning, meticulous evaluation, attention to detail - every nut, bolt, and stitch in the leatherwork contributes to the triumph of the final product. 

The world of home building and remodeling is no different. It demands passion and unwavering commitment to achieve the highest standards of excellence.

Want to learn more about the process of remodeling your home with this commitment to excellence? Reach out to Bob today and let's talk about it.