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Home additions are a perfect way for a homeowner to expand room in their house. Are you looking for a new bedroom or possibly a new deck attached to your home? Whatever the reason, many homeowners take the path of a home addition to add more space to their home.

We offer home additions to the Great Falls, VA surrounding area. 

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We love doing what we do. Every time with get a request for a Great Falls, VA home addition, we thoroughly plan out all the proper steps clearly so the homeowner knows exactly what is going on. If you are interested in a home addition for your Great Falls, VA home, please visit www.natellihomes.com and contact us today.

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With the economy doing so badly in recent years, home remodeling hasn't exactly been at the top of everyone's budget. But giving your home a make-over is making a comeback at long last! Here are five of the top trends to keep your eye on:

  1. Kitchens go modern- Not too long ago people were looking for the comfort of a rustic kitchen with warm colors, wrought iron hardware, and cozy lighting. 2014 expects to see a strong push for modern kitchens with cabinetry in white or gray, simple countertops, and minimalist designs.
  2. Brass is back- Brass trim is back on the list of must-haves for the home of 2014. If the modern kitchen is not for you, a rustic kitchen can be brought up to date with dull, hammered brass hardware. It lets you keep the warmth of the past while being thoroughly up-to-date!
  3. Bathroom update- The bathroom comes in right behind the kitchen for remodels. 58% of remodelers plan to remake their bathrooms in 2014, and the trend is for modern resort-style bathrooms with large walk-in showers with multiple heads, heated floors, glass tiles, and cool shades of blue, white, and grey.
  4. Colors- While kitchens and baths are getting treatments in monochrome or soft, pale colors, the rest of the house is seeing the 2013 trend of vibrant colors evolve into accent colors that are focal points.Pantone, the international authority on colors, sees designers going for a trend of colors such as "nectarine", "green flash", "lemon zest", and "rouge red".
  5. Greener and greener- Going green was once a perk. Now it's an assumption. Energy-efficient appliances, renewable materials such as bamboo, and designs that incorporate the local climate, such as tall windows to channel the sun's warmth into a room, are all eco-friendly trends that are getting easier and easier to go with.


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19e38db1-71c5-4c49-fafb-77ba1bff9e47It is easy to spend thousands of dollars on your home throughout the years, so being able to increase your monthly savings can have an enormous impact after a significant amount of time has passed. With a few upgrades, it is possible to earn $20 per month in savings, which may not seem like much, but it adds up to $240 per year and $2,400 over the course of a whole decade. Making use of home remodeling in an attempt to save money is an excellent option, but you must focus on the long-term savings and not immediate savings as this is where you will see a huge difference in costs.

Replacing Your Windows and Doors

While older windows and doors may work fine, they may not be doing their job to save you money. It is beneficial to replace them as you can get energy-efficient ones that will lower your utilities. When your central air conditioning system has to do less work to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, you will end up using less energy, and this is how you will save money by replacing windows and doors.

Getting Energy-efficient Appliances

Along with acquiring appliances from reputable manufacturers, you should focus on energy-efficient ones as this can lead to savings on homeowners insurance in the form of a discount after getting certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. While the savings from home insurance is worth looking forward to, other savings come from another upgrade to reduce your energy usage.

Investing in a Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater may cost a bit more money than a standard one, but you are more than likely to be satisfied with investing in one for long-term savings and because it requires far less maintenance. It is important to understand that an upgrade like this will cost more than purchasing a standard water heater and having it installed, so it is the future that you must look at to understand the value in this investment. When you want to increase your long-term savings from home remodeling, feel free to contact us as we can provide you with the help you need to make this happen.