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bb8d9937-e24b-42d4-d727-f2d84825b135When it comes to kitchen remodeling, virtually all Maryland and Virginia homeowners have to work within a budget. Knowing where to cut back and where to splurge isn’t just a matter of personal preference. It’s also about getting the most return on your money if you ever decide to sell your home. If you are a gourmet cook, you may want to outfit your kitchen with commercial-grade cooking tools. However, for the person who just wants the kitchen to make a design statement while serving food ordered in, it may be best to put more money into the architectural design and seating area. According to an article by HGTV remodels, it’s important to reflect on how you will likely use your kitchen when working on a kitchen remodeling budget.

  • The kitchen for entertaining

If you are a person who likes to entertain a lot in your Maryland or Virginia home but don’t have a lot of space, consult with a design expert about renovating your existing space. By taking down a wall between the kitchen and another room, you can often free up space to expand your area for entertaining. You may wish to splurge on a wine cooler, a large kitchen island with seating for guests and decorative lighting. Another consideration is whether you want to install patio doors that lead out to an outdoor kitchen and entertaining space. Flat panel television screens that appear as artwork or mirrors when not in use are also worth spending more money on if you are an entertainer.

  • The family-centered kitchen

People with small children often want kitchens with space for helping with homework or serving a quick breakfast in the morning. An open floor plan, accessible food storage and durable kitchen counters are a few of the features that may be priorities in a family-centered kitchen. For families, the kitchen is the hub of activity. Parents who are busy making dinner often want to be able to keep an eye on their children, which is why the open floor plan works best.

  • The gourmet kitchen

Foodies can definitely appreciate professional appliances, upgraded countertops and custom cabinets as well as special cooking appliances and tools. Spending more money on easy-to-clean surfaces and floors, extra storage space, spice racks, high-tech double ovens and a drawer dishwasher in your island prep station are logical upgrades for the gourmet cook.

Whether you plan to use your kitchen more for entertaining, cooking or helping children with homework, every kitchen looks better with fishing touches such as attractive cabinet pulls and knobs, task lighting, decorative backsplashes and elegant kitchen sinks and faucets.

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“Outdated” is the enemy when it comes to a home that is prized for being a reflection of the homeowner’s marvelous sense of style. When undergoing a home remodeling project, it’s helpful to be aware of what’s on trend. According to a recent article by D Home Magazine, the entire point of a home remodeling project or custom home building is to create wholly personal spaces. At the same time, knowing the latest trends in home renovation can make the decision process a little less daunting for those who aren’t already committed to a particular look or style.

  • Keeping it light and natural

According to design experts, porcelain tiles that have a wood look are extremely on trend. Dark, hand-scraped floors are being replaced by more natural and lighter finishes such as gray and white. Natural stone floors are showing up in today’s homes that are newly built or newly remodeled.

  • Sticking with open spaces

Open spaces and clean lines are the norm in contemporary and modern homes, but experts say they are now happening in traditional homes as well. People who own homes with traditional exteriors are choosing to remodel the inside of their homes with open concepts. Homeowners today like open kitchens and more usable space.

  • Taking limited risks

Homeowners who take the bold leap by choosing an avant-garde or experimental design look often find themselves stuck with a trendy rather than on-trend home. When remodeling a home, take smaller risks by creating an unusual guest bathroom or selecting a floating staircase or bold entryway door.

Other home remodeling trends include reworking the spaces that were once designated as formal living and dining rooms. Many people want to use formal dining rooms as space to entertain during the holidays, but have the ability to quickly convert it into an office or study room the rest of the year. Experts say formal living rooms are now used as a retreat or library that houses the more old-fashioned furniture that doesn’t blend well with the modern tech toys and gadgets.

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de3c1082-3c45-4211-c839-f42cd84552b9-thumbKitchen remodeling is hot. With so many options, it’s important to distinguish between what’s a fleeting trend and what’s going to make you happy for decades to come. According to a recent Forbes article, there are several kitchen remodel trends that homeowners should avoid. Of course, embrace a trend if you personally love a particular style or kitchen design feature for your Virginia or Maryland home. Not everyone is concerned about resale value, but about having the kitchen of their dreams. According to Forbes, the average cost of a kitchen remodel is now more than $50,000.

Parking your appliances

People used to park their appliances in appliance garages, but appliance garages take up a lot of counter space. A design expert can help you choose cabinets that open up to store pots and pans, spices and fine china. Illuminated kitchen cupboards are especially helpful. Cabinet drawers may be used to file papers. Trash and recycling cans can slide in and out of cabinetry as well.

Using updated backsplashes

Another important kitchen remodeling tip is to select a backsplash that fits the overall style of your home whether it’s country, contemporary or transitional. According to Forbes, the 4-inch backsplash trend has been replaced by porcelain, ceramic or glass tile that covers walls instead of just a few inches.

A kitchen island as a focal point

Kitchen islands are both practical and attractive. Ceiling-mounted racks to hang pots used to be popular, but can also be an eyesore. Many kitchen islands have built-in storage and see-through compartments. In a smaller kitchen, you may opt for a mobile kitchen cart to dress up your kitchen.

Other kitchen remodeling considerations include whether to choose stainless steel or the new colorful appliances. Should you pick the popular granite or choose something else? According to a piece by Houzz, popular countertop materials includes soapstone, copper, engineered quartz, tile, recycled glass, marble, concrete and stainless steel. A professional designer can help you with a kitchen palette that matches the overall style of your home.

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b69efdd5-a831-4bb4-94bc-2b60ac8057ffIf you own a starter home in Maryland or Virginia, you may wonder if now is the time to list your home so you can afford a step-up home of your dreams. Certainly homes are selling, but other homeowners are raising the bar with stunning home remodeling projects. According to a realtor.com study cited by one MNS Real Estate article, two-thirds of consumers plan to remodel their homes in the next six months. Thirty-two percent of homeowners have a budget of $10,000 or more for home improvements. Thirty-two percent are engaged in home remodeling to improve the appearance of their homes for their own satisfaction, while 22 percent plan to sell their homes. Before listing your home, consult with a company that provides cost-effective renovations and home remodeling services. Some of the areas of the home to concentrate on for resale purposes include the entryway, kitchen and spa bathroom.

Signature curb appeal

The first goal of a home remodeling project is to improve curb appeal so that drive-by house hunters aren’t turned off. A signature entrance such as a portico can help sell a home. Perhaps as a backlash to the frugality of the Great Recession, home homebuyers want to feel as though their home is more of a castle.

Masterpiece kitchen

Kitchen home remodeling projects are also trending toward luxury and excess. According to one article by Freshome, kitchens are seen as the hub of the home. Even if no one is actually cooking in their kitchens, they want a place to study, work, talk, think and watch television. Most people spend their home remodeling dollars in the kitchen. Before listing your home to sell, it may be wise to update kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Bathroom retreat

A recent RealtyTimes article cited a Hanley Wood survey that revealed 58 percent of people taking on home remodeling projects plan bathroom updates. Bathrooms today are spa-like retreats that include futuristic bath fixtures and trends such as heated floors, waterfall showers and modern touch faucets. Depending on your budget, you may select marble or granite, custom tiles and elegant fixtures.

After renovating your home, you may be fortunate enough to receive multiple offers. But it may be difficult to sell your home when you realize how beautiful it has become. At Natelli Homes, we help our clients renovate their existing homes in Maryland and Virginia as well as build lovely custom homes. For more information, please contact us.


With the economy doing so badly in recent years, home remodeling hasn't exactly been at the top of everyone's budget. But giving your home a make-over is making a comeback at long last! Here are five of the top trends to keep your eye on:

  1. Kitchens go modern- Not too long ago people were looking for the comfort of a rustic kitchen with warm colors, wrought iron hardware, and cozy lighting. 2014 expects to see a strong push for modern kitchens with cabinetry in white or gray, simple countertops, and minimalist designs.
  2. Brass is back- Brass trim is back on the list of must-haves for the home of 2014. If the modern kitchen is not for you, a rustic kitchen can be brought up to date with dull, hammered brass hardware. It lets you keep the warmth of the past while being thoroughly up-to-date!
  3. Bathroom update- The bathroom comes in right behind the kitchen for remodels. 58% of remodelers plan to remake their bathrooms in 2014, and the trend is for modern resort-style bathrooms with large walk-in showers with multiple heads, heated floors, glass tiles, and cool shades of blue, white, and grey.
  4. Colors- While kitchens and baths are getting treatments in monochrome or soft, pale colors, the rest of the house is seeing the 2013 trend of vibrant colors evolve into accent colors that are focal points.Pantone, the international authority on colors, sees designers going for a trend of colors such as "nectarine", "green flash", "lemon zest", and "rouge red".
  5. Greener and greener- Going green was once a perk. Now it's an assumption. Energy-efficient appliances, renewable materials such as bamboo, and designs that incorporate the local climate, such as tall windows to channel the sun's warmth into a room, are all eco-friendly trends that are getting easier and easier to go with.


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natelliDuring the recession, home remodeling took quite a dip. In fact, an independent research group called the Home Improvement Research Industry (HIRI) found that in 2012 fewer people were committing to remodeling jobs than ever. But those numbers have finally bounced back, and more people than ever are taking the plunge and beautifying their home. 

"The 2014 Cost vs. Value signals an end to the long slide in the cost-value ratio, which began to fall in 2006 and didn’t begin to rebound until last year."

Are you on board? Here are 5 hot new trends for 2014: 

1. Modern Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It serves as the central spot for gatherings, a place for your family to spend time together, and is one of the most important rooms that factors into resale value. 2014 will feature solid, clean colors, simple countertops to match and integrated, hidden appliances. Minimalism is in.

2. A Touch of Brass

Brass came on strong last year but didn't impact homeowners fully. Perhaps because it seemed out-dated. This year, however, brass is expected to become the "go to" accent for many spaces in your home. But not the shiny, out-dated stuff. Instead, homes in 2014 will be seeing dull, rustic and hammered versions of the classic metal.

3. Up to Date Baths

Second to the kitchen in importance to resale is always the bathroom. As many as 58% of people surveyed said they planned a bathroom remodel in 2014. What's in is, modern "resort" style bathrooms that feature things like walk-inshowers, multiple showerheads, and heated floors. With muted ash grays, off-whites, a muted blues.

4. Vibrancy

While the bathroom and kitchen are tending towards more rustic, muted and modern, other rooms in the house are leaning towards vibrant colors that pop! The brighter accents in 2013 (like orange, turquoise, and yellow) are being twisted into even bolder versions. Look for bright accent walls, and even brightly-painted floors for the new year.

5. Going Green

Sustainability is hot in 2014 for remodels. Homes that feature green remodeling will have a soft, quiet and elegent feel, with new, double insulation in the walls and attic, energy-efficient windows, formaldehyde-free flooring and cabinets, and LED lighting throughout. 

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