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c8d7b444-15d3-4918-c705-8553ebe3a1e3-thumbIf you have a small bathroom, then you know how frustrating simple, typical bathroom processes are. Showers, after all, shouldn't require that you snake yourself into your tub and stand in one spot. They should be relaxing and soothing and leave you with a sense of clean. Sound familiar?

But before you schedule a full bathroom remodeling job, and try to expand what you've got, we thought we'd give you some tips on making your small bathroom more functional with a little bit of labor.

Alter The Layout

If your bathroom is at least 36-40 square feet, you can apply this easy redesign guideline. Simply consider your bathing routine. If you are more of a shower person, have your tub completely removed and a small stand up shower installed. If you are more for baths, and you have both a bath and a shower, remove your shower and simply install shower heads.

For Bathrooms that are 6' X 6' 

Yet another common size for a small bathroom is 6' X 6'. This size bathroom is noticeably small for any home. They often don't even have a bathtub, rather, a corner shower. To ensure this bathroom feels bigger, allow for a smooth flow through. This may mean you have to change sink and toilet placement, but a little goes a long way.

Smaller than Usual Half Baths

Hals baths are traditionally tiny. There is usually only room for a sink and a toilet, the essentials in this sort of setting. To convert your half bath into a functional full bath with little plumbing required, install a sink converter onto the faucet, plumb in a floor drain, and add shower curtain.

While this may sound like a lot of work for some people, think of it this way: by installing an extra shower, you not only created a second usable full bathroom, you increased your home's value in the process.

Need help turning your small bathroom into something better? Please contact us with all of your questions and concerns.

d03eeea1-2fde-46b8-dce4-4088675abff8-thumbTrends in bathroom remodeling will make the bathroom a more livable space in the New Year for people who want to extend their time pampering and primping. Bathrooms are becoming a retreat for relaxing as well as entertaining with remote-controlled TVs and other electronics. According to an article by Elle Décor, the bathroom of the New Year will be outfitted the same way the rest of the home is outfitted with everything from furniture and music to textiles, art and refrigerators. In-floor or radiant heating can make the space more comfortable so you aren’t anxious to get ready and hurry out of the bathroom. Homeowners in Maryland or Virginia can rely on the expertise of a builder offering architectural design services related to the bathroom and other areas of the home.

  • A clean, minimalist vibe

Even though a modern bathroom may have all the toys and gadgets that are found in other parts of the home, the most popular design look is modern and sleek. Framed mirrors can add some style to a bathroom without making too dramatic of a statement. Other modern features include built-in handles on bathroom cabinetry instead of pulls and knobs.

  • Individual spaces

Another consideration with bathroom remodeling is who will be using the space. Design experts say the trend is to have more individual spaces in bathrooms. Your bathroom can have different zones such as wet and dry zones. There may be designated dressing areas, private water closets and an area for applying makeup.

  • A place to linger

Because the bathroom is a place to linger in the New Year, more people may choose steam showers and soaking tubs. According to an article by Huffington Post, everything in the bathroom will be upgraded in the New Year. Experts expect a move away from tubs with shower surrounds. Bowl-shaped sinks will also be passé.

Other bathroom trends in the New Years may include the appearance of more Quartz countertops, backsplashes that make a statement and take up the entire wall instead of just a small space. Also, the bathroom of today may come with a seating area. For parents taking care of small children at bath time, a seating area can be practical and more comfortable.

At Natelli Homes, we can help you remodel your bathroom, kitchen or other spaces in the New Year in your Maryland or Virginia home. For more information on our architectural and remodeling services, please contact us.

735166b7-3ebe-499b-f33b-055a02ad0bdc 1It can become so easy to get caught up in the big picture when planning bathroom renovations that you overlook some minor additions capable of becoming the icing on the cake. These five ideas may not equal the big-ticket items around which your dream bathroom centers, but few bathroom renovations would not benefit from including at least one or two.

  • Bathroom Fan with Timer

The bathroom fan exists to remove the moisture caused by the sudden increase in humidity that results from normal use. If properly used, the bathroom fan dramatically reduce incidence of mold and mildew in a bathroom. If not used at all, the results can be either a unregulated growth of mold and mildew, but it the fan is left going too long, its usefulness becomes trumped by the amount of energy it wastes. Bathroom renovations present the perfect opportunity to introduce fans with timers that keep it running long enough to do its job, but automatically turn the fan off to keep it from becoming an energy vampire.

  • Concealed Toilet Brush

The brush used to clean out the toilet may be a tool no bathroom should be without, but it is also true that no bathroom could fail to benefit from its being hidden from view. Which is why part the process of bathroom renovations should always at least give a few minutes worth of consideration to the ridiculously simple solution of cutting a hole in the drywall next to the toilet behind the flip-down door of which sits the now concealed toilet brush. 

  • Hands-Free Sink Faucet

Most bathroom renovations are certainly going to touch upon replacing existing sinks. While you ponder over standard issues of remodeling bathrooms like countertop material and whether to find more space by going with a pedestal sink, take time to think about why you rarely have to touch faucets in the bathrooms out in the business world anymore. The same sensor technology that saves you from picking up the germs left behind by other shoppers at the mall can also become part of the renovations of residential bathrooms. The advantages to your family's health alone make this home addition worthwhile. 

  • Anti-Scald Shower Valve

Bathroom renovations in older homes should actually put installation of anti-scald shower valves up near the top of the list. A number of different options are your disposal including showerheads with built-in anti-scald technology, pressure-balancing valves and thermostatic valves. The differences between these options are primarily cost as well as the means by which they all accomplish the same goal: keeping you from becoming the victim of a sudden change in water temperature with the potential for serious injury caused by burns or falling in the tub. 

  • Heated Towel Shelf

Tired of getting out the shower and facing the cold comfort of a towel exposed to room temperature? One of the most useful minor additions you can make to your bigger bathroom renovation plans is the introduction of a heated towel shelf. Imagine stepping out of the shower on a cold day and wrapping yourself in a luxuriously heated towel. For an additional benefit, situate the heated towel rack directly below your bathroom mirror and you can reduce or even eliminate fogging. 

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