Designing a Bathroom Renovation? Some Tips to Help You Along | Potomac MD

rsz natelli4If a bathroom renovation is in the works for your home this year, then you'll want to be prepared. Bathroom renovations are, after all, one of the most popular, and perhaps one of the most important remodeling a homeowner can perform. 

While it's true the at the beginning of any remodel the workload seems overwhelming, it doesn't have to be. With proper planning and a bit of know-how, renovating a room in your home can be extremely rewarding. 

Determine your budget. Under-budgeting is a huge mistake. Begin by estimating what you'd like to change in your bathroom, add up total expenses and costs (including any hired help you may need). Then, subtract the hours you may need to take off of work. Remember, time is money. (Pro tip: Keep a few extra bucks in a reserve for emergencies.)

Decide on a design.Now that you have a budget, a design scheme should come next. Begin by browsing online for different styles. Check out popular websites that relay modern trends. Check out websites like Pinterest for pictorial examples of how you want your new bathroom to look and feel.

Time to buy. With your perfect bathroom in mind, it's time to spend. If you are going it alone, head to a home improvement store with your list and ask for help. Get advice from the staff on things you'll need, cost effectiveness per item, product ratings, etc. A bathroom renovation is an investment for your home's future.

Don't forget your budget. Once you get involved in the process, it's very simple to over spend. You'll need to be your own accountant during this event, keep track of anything extra you spend, and continue to subtract these amounts from your total. Remember the reserve money from tip 1? This will be your "go to" in a crisis. Use it wisely.

There's no shame in asking for help. A big job like remodeling your entire bathroom can sometimes be too much for someone to complete alone. Calling a qualified contractor in your area may save you time as well as extra costs. 


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Written by : Bob Johnson