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e6b0d800-4991-48bf-d209-096dc568138f-thumbHaving a mother-in-law suite in your Maryland or Virginia home doesn’t mean your mother-in-law has to move in tomorrow. Home additions that can be used as separate living spaces can dramatically increase the value of your home. According to a recent article by the Wall Street Journal, space for aging parents or young adult children is one of the hottest real estate amenities affecting resale value. Experts say the demand for separate living quarters within a home or as a guest house is coming from domestic and foreign homebuyers.

  • Changing trends in America

Although the idea of multi-generational living has been a longtime custom in many countries, it’s now becoming more typical for American families. From an economic perspective, American families realize they can save not just a few thousand dollars on rent when junior moves back in for a few months after college, but hundreds of thousands of dollars on assisted-living and nursing homes for aging parents. The Wall Street reports that real-estate listings that include in-law units or “accessory-dwelling units” are priced about 60 percent higher than those without the home additions. A survey of homeowners found an astounding 32 percent expect with living parents said they expect to take care of an aging relative in the future.

  • Deciding on the layout

With the help of an experienced builder that provides architectural design services, such as Natelli Homes, you can decide where to expand living space. Some options include adding a second floor to a single-story home. Younger members of the family can move to the second floor, while the lower level may be easier for older people who can’t navigate stairs. A garage over-build that uses space above a garage can also be turned into extra space for teenagers or college-age children, freeing up areas of the home that are more accessible. A new home addition on the main floor that includes a kitchenette, private living room, elder-friendly bathroom and bedroom is another way route to take.

Other improvements you can make include having a private entrance and garage built as part of the in-law suite renovation. Including universal design renovations or elder-friendly upgrades can also tie into your goals.

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Written by : Bob