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b6c9a815-72a7-4a44-8137-6e3255cf7e1dYour home’s entryway or foyer is not just what your guests first see when they enter your home, but it’s the space that greets you at the end of a hard day. When planning a home renovation, the foyer is a key area of the home that can make you feel excited about where you live. Before hiring an architectural design firm for a home remodeling project, consider the statement you want to make with your foyer. Lighting, flooring, art niches, the doorway and a staircase are a few of the design elements to include. According to a recent article by HouseBeautiful, a foyer can be dramatic with the right choices for paint, furniture and art. But whether you want design touches such as wainscoting, tone-on-tone striped wallpaper or a new front door with translucent glass, a foyer renovation can improve first impressions.

Fabulous flooring

One of the major considerations when home remodeling is the flooring. Some people use a different flooring material for the foyer so it stands out. One option is to put down a mosaic floor medallion in either marble or ceramic. Another possibility is to select custom oval, round, square or other custom wood medallions or borders for hardwood flooring.

A stunning staircase

A stunning staircase is another major component of a home remodeling  project if you have a two-story home. Some creative ideas include installing a water feature with plants at the base of the stairways using a decorative stone surround. Different styles of staircases today include contemporary, traditional, modern, eclectic and Asian.

Other home remodeling possibilities for a gorgeous foyer include art niches in which you can hang favorite art pieces. Lighting is also a major consideration. Hanging a contemporary chandelier versus a traditional lighting fixture will foreshadow what’s in store for the rest of the home. Replace the existing door with a new one that is crafted with safety and style in mind.

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Written by : Bob