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cfb661bf-8c7b-4e50-a4ad-0dfec89d3d21What's a bathroom floor without a ceramic tile? Ceramic tile has been used on bathroom floors since the invention of indoor plumbing. It is versatile, inexpensive, and, perhaps most important, is waterproof. It is the quintessential stand-by for your bathroom's floor.  However, bathroom flooring has come along way, and the industry has produced more than just ceramic in terms of options. So when you are making your choice of tile for a bathroom renovation, why choose basic?
Here are some great alternatives:


Classy and environmentally eco-friendly, bamboo mixes simple care and elegant design. It comes in narrow- and wide-stock, strand-woven, and is durable and waterproof. It is also available in variable patterns that would compliment any bathroom redesign.

Artistic Relief

What's more durable than concrete? Concrete can be tinted to just about whatever color you want, and can be patterned and stamped so you can express your artistic style. Meaning that you can design your floor to match just about any pattern you'd like.


For a beach-like effect, try natural stone pebbles. They're attached to the subfloor or foundation, are water-resistant, durable, and beautiful. Besides the fact that because the stone pebbles add texture so you won't need mats to prevent slipping.


Not just for wine, there's a reason hundreds of year's old bottles of wine remain fresh. Cork is mold-resistant, waterproof, antibacterial, and can be installed in sheets, tiles, pieces, or mosaic patterns. It can also be stained to match and existing decor.

Glass Block

Glass block first got popular as a material designed around showers. But some enterprising individuals developed a version as a flooring. Glass is resistant to moisture, mildew, staining, and is incredibly simple to clean. It comes in clear, solid, colored, and textured.

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Written by : Bob Johnson