Use Custom Closet Designs to Tackle Your Pantry | Rockville, MD

Use Custom Closet Designs to Tackle Your Pantry | Rockville, MD

Rockville, MD

We know what custom closets can do for your closet. It turns cluttered junk into an organized, stress-free environment. Any small, large or walk-in space is transformed into an eye-opening masterpiece. Take the same system and organize the rest of your home. One of those places that need a makeover is the pantry.

Searching for food is like searching through a jungle. Moving things around, placing it here, taking it over there: it's a miracle we can find anything in that cluttered area. A closet organizer can turn your pantry into a functional environment. Organization keeps things efficient and productive without wasting time searching for the correct item. Think about your kitchen storage needs; how do you use the pantry? Most pantries are used to store food, but small appliances, pots, pans, china and kitchen accessories are stored in the pantry too. 

There are plenty of must-have items out there. Here are some organizing items as inspiration for your pantry needs:

  • Open shelves
  • Pull-out organizers
  • Cabinet drawers
  • Storage containers
  • Storage baskets
  • Storage racks
  • Shelf dividers
  • Canisters


Here are some tips on how to handle the space in your pantry:

  • Use every inch of the pantry space to store as much food, condiments, pots, pans and kitchen accessories as possible. You are allowed to use the door as storage or purchase as cart if you run out of room. You’ll be amazed at the space increase. Planning and purchasing a good organizer results in holding more than twice the amount of items as the previous shelving. 
  • Make sure the shelves are adjustable too. As you add things to the pantry you need to make sure you have the space. Adjustable shelves will create space when there is none. Add or remove shelves with the changing times.
  • Make sure shelves have enough space in the middle to see what's inside. This prevents buying duplicate items. These shelves are great for place mats, plastic utensils, silverware, canned items, pickled items and spices. 
  • Contact us for more information on using closet organizers for your pantry. We can answer any questions you have about storage and assist in choosing the best organizer for any pantry space.

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Written by : Bob Johnson