No More Stress: Bathroom Renovations Simplified | Silver Spring, MD

No More Stress: Bathroom Renovations Simplified | Silver Spring, MD

Silver Spring, MD

Any home renovation can be a stressful event, even something that seems so simple -- like a bathroom renovation. But you can take the stress out of your project with some advance planning, following these steps:

Get Inspired

Look at magazines, talk to your friends, and start a collection of photos, articles, and ideas for your bathroom. This part of the process will help you determine the big picture plan for your renovation, as well as begin to identify some of the smaller details of the project, too.

Choose a Layout

Think through any changes to layout -- for example, do you want to move the toilet? -- and what that will mean for the plumbing and other design elements. Small bathrooms can be expanded, and large bathrooms can be rearranged as you desire. Just remember to ...

Nail Down a Budget

Changing the layout of your bathroom will cost more than to it will to make cosmetic upgrades. Be sure to think through the cost of materials, contractors, and come up with a reasonable budget for your project.

Bring In The Contractor

At this stage in the process, involve your contractor to begin planning the dates for your renovation. Talk over your ideas for the bathroom, ask for estimates, and get the contract signed. It is important to hire a trustworthy contractor, so do your research before you sign any paperwork. Natelli Homes has a long history of excellent service in the DC - NOVA area and would love to help you with your bathroom renovation!

Do Some Shopping

Some window shopping, at least, which is one of the fun parts of the project! Light fixtures, tile, cabinets, and other items will need to be selected and ordered before any physical work begins. You can also take this time to select accessories like towels, shower curtains, and paint colors. Coordinate this with the contractor and then get ready to watch the bathroom makeover!

With some thorough planning, a bathroom renovation can be a fun adventure. To begin the process, contact us today! 

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Written by : Bob Johnson