Stronger than the Storm: When Trees Fall, Natelli Rises

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January came in with a bang. Can you imagine being at home when a tree crashes into it?

I can only imagine the sound of impact and the resulting vibrations throughout the home. Over the past two months, the DC metro area experienced its fair share of rain and winds. I'm firmly convinced that this is a manifestation of our global warming issues, and regrettably, we might witness more natural disasters such as these. The soil becomes saturated, winds turn forceful, and the slow sway of branches in the wind either loosens the roots enough to pull from the soil, or the tree was inherently weak and snapped off.

Two urgent calls from clients prompted a swift response from our dedicated team. We seamlessly integrated these additional tasks into our workload, showcasing the remarkable capacity of our employees and the excellence of our systems. Our trusted vendors played a crucial role by expediting complex roof truss replacements and prioritizing window orders. A reputable contractor like Natelli Homes has an extensive network of reliable suppliers. It sometimes takes decades to identify suppliers who truly understand your priorities and needs, and once again, our suppliers stepped up to assist each client.

In no time, we had custom roof trusses crafted, windows on order, and the homes secured once more.
The restored areas undoubtedly surpass the original homes in quality. We swapped old incandescent fixtures with energy-efficient LED recessed lights, significantly improved insulation using batt to capacity and foam in high-exposure areas like walls, ceilings, and overhangs. Even the window installations were done with lasers – perfection that speaks for itself.

The concept of capacity comes to mind. Natelli possesses the skill sets, knowledge, and experience to promptly initiate work on two urgent client projects while effectively managing our ongoing tasks. Quality remained our unwavering focus. Homes were safeguarded, kept pristine, and deemed safe for our clients, employees, and trades. Helping someone in the aftermath of a home catastrophe is undoubtedly challenging, yet it's a privilege. 

Once again, I take pride in our employees' quick response, dedication to every client (regardless of project size), and their commitment to maintaining quality while staying on schedule with everything.