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As you're designing your dream kitchen, include yourself among the colors, materials, and layout. After all, you are the one using the kitchen after completion. The best way to approach that answer is to consider measurements of key kitchen components.


We navigate around the average countertop size, which is 34-36 inches tall. In kitchen remodeling, a better measurement is bending your arms and elbow to a ninety-degree/right angle. Design countertop space 3-4 inches below your elbow/arm. Adjusted countertop space measurements will affect countertop depth; the average is 24 inches. Countertop space surrounds the stove range or stove/oven combo. One side requires 12 inches of countertop space while a varied length is on the other side. Countertop space on both sides allows hot items a place to rest from the range and oven. It's vital that wall ovens have countertop space beside it.


Top shelves in cabinets are tough to reach for most residents. The distance between the countertop and the cabinet is 15-20 inches. Residents who aim for higher shelving can opt for shelving that touches the ceiling.  Residents aiming for lower shelving can go the minimum or include a lower cabinet beside the countertop. You can also opt for no upper cabinets. However, have enough bottom cabinet, drawer, and storage space to accommodate upper cabinet removal.


The walking space for food preparation needs at least 42 inches of walking space. The remaining walking space reduces to 36 inches. Expand the cooking space to 48 inches for two or more cooks in the home. 

Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle consists of three sides.

  • Refrigerator: placed near the kitchen entrance.  For two or more points of entry, place the refrigerator as close to the majority as possible.
  • Cooking area: usually installed near the dining area
  • Sink: installed in-between those areas

This triangle makes moving around the kitchen easier. The total combination is between 23-26 feet. Otherwise, it's going to become difficult to move around the kitchen area. The distance between two appliances is between three and seven feet.  If the triangle consists of a dishwasher and garbage disposal, aim for the maximum in feet and integrate those appliances in the triangle.

Looking at kitchen design from this point of view will make your kitchen easier to use. Customize everything to your specifications. For more information on kitchen remodeling, contact us.


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If you are like most people living in Maryland and Virginia, the smell of hyacinths and the sight of tulips and irises inspire you to clean and renovate your home. Your kitchen is the most common beneficiary of the desire to upgrade, improve and remodel. According to an article by U.S. News & World Report on kitchen remodeling trends, how you renovate kitchen and baths will affect future resale vale. Some people rather remodel their kitchens for their own family rather than worry about what a potential buyer down the road will think. If you are living in your forever home, explore what you like with a company that specializes in remodeling and renovation services.

  • Creating a cozier living space

Instead of having a kitchen that opens up into a Great Room with high ceilings, many home owners prefer an open kitchen-family room. The kitchen is larger than ever before. As part of your kitchen remodeling, consider drop ceilings to create intimacy in the family room, enlarging the kitchen area and adding a kitchen island.

  • Replacing outdated countertops

If you have been living with granite countertops in a color that you no longer love, consider Quartzite and Caesarstone, which are low maintenance choices. Marble is a classic choice for people in an upscale, luxury home. In addition to removing outdated kitchens and cabinets, remove the obsolete kitchen desks.

  • Going high-tech and homey

While almost every home owner today embraces technology that makes their lives easier, there is also an interest in getting back to a simple way of life. Your kitchen remodeling plan can incorporate elements of the high-tech modern world as well as the homey cozy farmhouse look. To achieve a farmhouse kitchen look, bring in a large farmhouse table. Use natural materials such as slate floors, butcher block counters and wooden beams on the ceilings. Other ideas include installing distressed wide plant flooring, antique or vintage items and open shelving.

At Natelli Homes, we build a variety of homes as well as renovate kitchens, bathrooms and entire homes. Whether you want to transform your existing home or feel interested in a new construction four-square home, cottage design or modern split-levels, we provide stellar architectural and design services. For more information on a kitchen remodel in Maryland or Virginia, please contact us.

5-ways-of-saving-money-on-your-kitchen-remodel-arlington-vaAs the new year pushes on, warmer weather means more people will be beginning spring and summer kitchen remodeling jobs, hoping to increase the value of their property, and increase functionality for themselves.

But when it comes to kitchen remodeling, you can take either of two paths: very expensive or penny pincher. 

So while many people don't have the funds to take on a full job, tearing down and building up, many do have the money to take on the job without going bankrupt. Don't believe us? Here are 5 ways you can save money on your kitchen remodel.

1. Counters don't have to be granite. That is, they can still be solid, while maintaining charm and use, and not be expensive. Solid surface veneer (SSV) is a great way to get that solid look and feel without sacrificing your entire budget.

2. Install granite tiles instead. Or other solid surface tiles. Slabs cost about $75 per square foot, whereas tiles only run $20 per square foot. Plus, after install, no one will be able to tell the difference.

3. No reconfiguring necessary. Save tons of money by leaving your kitchen in its current configuration. Then you won't have to pay a plumber, an electrician, and so on, and you can simply replace old appliances with new ones. Generally, half of a homeowner's budget is tied up in reconfiguration. 

4. Do the shopping on your own. There's no harm in hiring a designer and a contractor to do the work your can't, but sometimes that means letting them do the shopping, which can kill your budget. So to save money, take matters into your own hands and buy all the materials yourself. You'll save 15 to 20% doing it yourself.

5. Closeout appliances abide. You can have all of that special newness in a brand new appliance without a second mortgage. Simply buy closeout models. What's a closeout model? Usually, it's a discontinued version of a newer model. There is rarely nothing wrong with them, except they didn't sell well. They usually carry a regular warranty too. Ask around, you'll find considerable savings using this method.

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simple-tips-to-ensure-your-kitchen-remodeling-has-a-positive-outcome-bethesda-mdWhen it comes to renovating homes, the kitchen is one of the most popular places to remodel. For instance, while refreshing a living room can be done with a new paint job and lighting fixtures, a kitchen can suffer from outdated appliances, along with worn and torn sinks, countertops, and floors.

It is easy to put thousands of dollars into kitchen remodeling, but you should follow some helpful tips to make sure you have a positive outcome and use your money wisely.

Maximize Storage with Ceiling High Cabinets

To maximize the space in your kitchen, you should consider ceiling high cabinets. It is one area of the kitchen that has very little use if not for storing items within cabinets. It is great when you have plenty of storage space to keep your appliances, dinnerware, coffee mugs, and more.

Also, if you do not have a pantry, you will find the extra cabinet space even more helpful for allowing you to store enough food for weeks or months without having the kitchen be a mess.

Larger Does Not Always Mean Better

If you have a small kitchen, you should not feel the need to break down walls or cut into your living or dining space to increase the size of the kitchen. When remodeling your kitchen, focusing on quality and functionality should give you exactly what you need in a small space.

Also, by taking full advantage of available space with ceiling high cabinets, you will enjoy a kitchen that provides you with as much storage space as the room can reasonably fit.

Keep It Simple and Have Open Space

While storage space is certainly nice, there is no need to sacrifice a beautiful kitchen to get more storage. It is possible to go overboard with how many cabinets you have installed, and you can also take up more floor space than necessary by getting massive appliances and installing an oversized island.

Focusing on function and simplicity will give you a beautiful kitchen that flows seamlessly.

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going-for-functionality-with-your-kitchen-remodeling-project-great-falls-vaA kitchen makeover can make your Maryland or Virginia home more valuable to your family, guests and potential buyers in the future. By going with a more timeless kitchen remodeling project, you will save money. According to a recent article by The Coloradoan, kitchens today need to accommodate the renewed interest in cooking. It may sound strange, but kitchens in the past decade served more as a design feature or artistic statement because some homeowners didn’t cook. Now with the renewed interest in cooking and baking from scratch, people need a kitchen that’s functional as well as attractive. Experts say kitchens in 2015 emphasize low-maintenance as well as functionality. To meet your kitchen remodeling goals, consider hiring an experienced builder who provides remodeling services. The kitchen remains one of the most important areas of the home for people who cook as well as people who just like to use their granite countertops as a place to lay the pizza box.

Choosing smart appliances

One trend this year is to choose smudge-proof appliances. Many stainless steel appliances are difficult to maintain, but you can still get the look you love with new designs. Also, opt for energy-efficiency whenever possible to save money and conserve resources.

Incorporating the island

Most homeowners today want an island with seating. According to a piece by Southern Living, functional kitchen islands combine work space with storage and dining space. Whether you choose a kitchen island with clean, modern lines or one with vintage-inspired materials such as beaded board, think in terms of what's practical. An open kitchen island provides easy access to pots and pans. A moveable island creates a more versatile space for dining or preparing food.

Selecting durable countertops

As part of your kitchen remodel, you need to choose cabinetry as well as countertops. Before ordering granite countertops, think about other options that are just as timeless and practical. Poured concrete countertops are extremely stain resistant and strong. Butcher block has a more casual look but is environmentally friendly. Cork, stainless steel, marble, and non-porous engineered quartz countertops are other options for your kitchen.

At Natelli Homes, we help our Maryland and Virginia clients design a dream kitchen that will endure as different design trends fade over time. We can help you choose the right sink, knobs, pulls, backsplash and lighting for an overall kitchen makeover. For more information about kitchen remodeling and other architectural services, please contact us.

2cbf81af-8df7-4664-f9c8-7652aefa1bd5-thumbKitchen remodeling can be an exciting undertaking, but there is also a lot of thought and planning involved. Before you get started on this big project, make sure you avoid some common mistakes. This article will go over three of the biggest ones people make. 

Don't Forget About Your Lighting

People who remodel their kitchen often overlook the importance of proper lighting. By the end of the remolding project, people become so burned out that they usually just grab whatever they can find. Be sure to consider your lighting options and preferences before the remodeling process begins. This way you are not left with extra work at the tail end of the project. 

Don't "Cheap Out" on Your Flooring

Getting good flooring is an investment. The last thing you want to be stingy on is that. And make sure it is the first thing you think about before consider the rest of the design of your kitchen. 

Not Working and Consulting with the Professionals

Many people just don't have the time, resources, or expertise to do a full-blown kitchen remodeling project all on their own. Speaking with an interior designer as well as remodeling contractors will guarantee an excellently designed and built kitchen. They can also consult with you on the best steps to take and help you avoid any remodeling fiascos. On top of that, they will help you determine the best cabinets, lighting, and other additions you need to complete your kitchen.  

If you have any inquiries or for more information, please contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you!


Kitchen remodeling is an aspect of renovation that is always changing. It's like the fashion world: while many things remain the same, other aspects will change drastically from year to year.

In fact, the entire concept of redesigning and remodeling a kitchen, if you are planning on keeping up with the most modern trends, would require an ever-updated book, which no one could keep up with.

Wit that, we say, find what you love and stick with it. You don't (and can't) always get the latest and greatest, but, really, it's about what you want. So if you're looking for something timeless and won't be obsolete this time next year, consider the rustic look.

- Rustic blends a classic look with modern amenities that fits rural and urban settings alike. 

- A classic rustic kitchen features design from a bygone era brought up to modern standards.

- Examples of a rustic kitchen include things like stone walls, barn wood for tables, barn door style doorways, exposed beams, butcher block and zinc/marble countertops, and simple design elements.

- With the inclusion of modern appliances, the rustic style is functional meets form in all ways. 

- Colors in a rustic kitchen can be tailored to suit your needs, but often feature solid, but muted tones ranging from sunny yellow to powder blue to rich, natural stones colors.

- Flooring is another aspect of rustic kitchens that is unique. A rustic kitchen can benefit from light patterend bamboo, matched to fit the style; natural hardwood style with beautifully-painted diamond patterns, and so on. As long as it fits the design scheme, a rustic look isn't difficult to achieve. 

If you are planning a kitchen overhaul and need professional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you with all of your design and execution needs. 

bb8d9937-e24b-42d4-d727-f2d84825b135When it comes to kitchen remodeling, virtually all Maryland and Virginia homeowners have to work within a budget. Knowing where to cut back and where to splurge isn’t just a matter of personal preference. It’s also about getting the most return on your money if you ever decide to sell your home. If you are a gourmet cook, you may want to outfit your kitchen with commercial-grade cooking tools. However, for the person who just wants the kitchen to make a design statement while serving food ordered in, it may be best to put more money into the architectural design and seating area. According to an article by HGTV remodels, it’s important to reflect on how you will likely use your kitchen when working on a kitchen remodeling budget.

  • The kitchen for entertaining

If you are a person who likes to entertain a lot in your Maryland or Virginia home but don’t have a lot of space, consult with a design expert about renovating your existing space. By taking down a wall between the kitchen and another room, you can often free up space to expand your area for entertaining. You may wish to splurge on a wine cooler, a large kitchen island with seating for guests and decorative lighting. Another consideration is whether you want to install patio doors that lead out to an outdoor kitchen and entertaining space. Flat panel television screens that appear as artwork or mirrors when not in use are also worth spending more money on if you are an entertainer.

  • The family-centered kitchen

People with small children often want kitchens with space for helping with homework or serving a quick breakfast in the morning. An open floor plan, accessible food storage and durable kitchen counters are a few of the features that may be priorities in a family-centered kitchen. For families, the kitchen is the hub of activity. Parents who are busy making dinner often want to be able to keep an eye on their children, which is why the open floor plan works best.

  • The gourmet kitchen

Foodies can definitely appreciate professional appliances, upgraded countertops and custom cabinets as well as special cooking appliances and tools. Spending more money on easy-to-clean surfaces and floors, extra storage space, spice racks, high-tech double ovens and a drawer dishwasher in your island prep station are logical upgrades for the gourmet cook.

Whether you plan to use your kitchen more for entertaining, cooking or helping children with homework, every kitchen looks better with fishing touches such as attractive cabinet pulls and knobs, task lighting, decorative backsplashes and elegant kitchen sinks and faucets.

At Natelli Homes, we provide kitchen remodeling services for our clients in Maryland and Virginia. For more information about remodeling, renovations and new home additions, please contact us.

162e1203-55ca-45ed-9788-4d381f4accd8-thumbWhether you own a split level home, an American Four Square or contemporary-style home in Maryland or Virginia, your kitchen is undoubtedly the hub of your home. A variety of products and materials that were popular in the past are making a big resurgence in the kitchen. Even if you don’t want a completely retro kitchen, it can be fun to explore the different kitchen remodeling trends as part of an eclectic design. According to an article that cited the National Remodeling Foundation, homeowners are embracing retro styling for their remodeling projects to achieve self-expression.

Retro and vintage appliances

When undergoing a major kitchen remodeling project, you may want to replace all of your outdated appliances. Ironically, what’s trending in new appliances is the old. Some refrigerators have a retro, mid-century modern type of design while being energy-efficient. Instead of the standard white or stainless steel, consider customizing appliances in bold colors.

Linoleum floors

Checker, plaid or painted linoleum floors can give your kitchen a vintage look. Linoleum floors are eco-friendly, comfortable and quiet. Made out of natural ingredients such as ground cork dust, limestone and linseed oil, linoleum is biodegradable and stylish. For a modern or creative kitchen, you can create patterned floor using linoleum tile. It’s a great tile for older people who can’t stand for long times on stone or hardwood surfaces.

Unique kitchen backsplashes

Another way to add some retro excitement to your kitchen remodeling project is to incorporate a decorative backsplash. If the rest of your kitchen is “busy” with patterns and color, it may be best to choose a neutral subway tile. Otherwise, you can afford to liven up the space with a playful backsplash in green, brown and blue glass tiles. Another option is stainless steel vintage kitchen backsplash to go with retro appliances.

Natelli Homes can help you remodel your kitchen as well as renovate your entire homes. No matter what the scale of the project, we provide architecture design services and lend our creativity and expertise to homeowners living in Virginia or Maryland. For more information, please contact us.