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3-home-remodeling-tips-for-your-laundry-room-bethesda-mdLaundry rooms are often over-looked when people begin considering home remodeling jobs. So much focus is placed on living rooms, kitchens, and baths that laundry rooms never get the love that they deserve.

Well, we think it's time for that to change...

If there ever was a room that needs a makeover, it's the laundry room. A place that conjures up pictures of, well, not too much for most people. Perhaps that's why it needs the love we think it does!

Here are 3 tips on turning your laundry room into a place you will want to spend more time in.

Home Integration: It's becoming more and more common for homeowners to integrate laundry rooms into other rooms of their home, saying goodbye to tucked away, drab rooms designed for one thing. In fact, in new architecture, laundry rooms resemble kitchens in placement, form and function, and some even have islands and built-ins.

Space Efficiency: In smaller homes attempting to be more energy and space conscious, laundry rooms have worked themselves into some of the more functional rooms. It's not at all uncommon to see laundry centers worked into bathrooms and kitchens, leaving what would have been the laundry room open for more square footage, like a guest bedroom.

Make it Pop: For homes where laundry is still its own function, separated into its own part of the home, seek design opportunities that turn normal laundry rooms in beacons of luxury. Consider it a necessary room in your home; paint it rich, inspiring colors; redesign parts that don't work for you and your family. Also, if your appliances are outdated, work new, modern washers and dryers into your budget, and enjoy the laundry room you always wanted. 

Isn't it about time you turned your laundry room into the space you've always wanted? If the answer is yes, then contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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Our custom home service is one of the finest in the entire country. We have built many custom homes in the Chevy Chase area for our clients which range from lobbyists to even an astronaut.

We proudly offer our custom home services to the Chevy Chase area. 

Feel free to contact us today if you would like a personal consultation for our custom home services.  

Our custom home serviced clients in the Chevy Chase area have been thrilled with the work we have completed for them.

Our number one priority is the customer.

We love doing what we do. We thoroughly plan out all the proper steps clearly so the homeowner knows exactly what is going on. Interested for a custom home in the Chevy Chase area? If so, please visit www.natellihomes.com and contact us today.

Offering the best custom home service in the surrounding Chevy Chase area!

Who wouldn't want a home addition completed for their home to give your house the maximum amount of space possible. Home additions give homeowners countless opportunities to add onto their already existing home space.

We proudly offer home additions to homeowners in the Bethesda, MD area. 

Feel free to contact us today if your looking to have a home addition done for your Bethesda, MD home.  

Our home addition customers in the Bethesda, MD area have loved the work we have done with their homes.

Our number one priority is the customer.

We love doing what we do. We thoroughly plan out all the proper steps clearly so the homeowner knows exactly what is going on. Interested in a home addition for your Bethesda, MD home? If so, please visit www.natellihomes.com and contact us today.

Offering high quality home additions to the Bethesda, MD area!

What better place than a covered grotto to have a few guests with a fireplace roaring and glass of wine?   This outside room was designed in a walk-out basement configuration in a new custom home in Potomac.  The cedar millwork doors enclose a built-in TV with gas lanterns adjacent on each side.  The stone-work matches the Texas stone veneer that was quarried in Texas.


In the month of September alone, the Windows for Hunger campaign by Natelli Homes raised enough for 4,200 meals through the Capital Area Food Bank. We are so encouraged by the success, Natelli is now offering 3 meals to the CAFB for every person that "likes" Natelli Homes on FaceBook.

Please support the Capital Area Food Bank by contacting Natelli Homes if you are considering new windows or exterior doors. The results of having new quality windows and doors by Natelli Homes speaks for itself, but now you can also help others in the metropolitan area who are in significant need.

Feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

altA new custom home built by Natelli Homes for the Darvish / Fallahi family was recently featured in Bethesda Magazine. The details and character of the home fit the client perfectly. Take note of the spectacular iron railings, the tile-work in the bathroom and the enormous kitchen with stone and marble countertops and WoodMode cabinets.


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Windows are definitely one of the "glass half full / half empty" situations (pun intended). The views, the ambient light and architectual relief windows that windows provide cannot be replaced. Windows let us experience the outside elements without sensing the heat or cold - but how do yours feel?

If your windows are 5 to 10 years old you might start looking at them. Changes in technology for windows and exterior doors have been dramatic in the past decade. There are compelling reasons to consider changing older windows in your home. Consider the following examples.

altThe photo on the left shows a window with a broken seal. Windows are made with two panes of glass and the air between the two panes acts as an insulator and is often filled with argon gas, which is effectively a super-insulating gas. When the seal fails, the insulating gas is released and air can freely flow in and out of the space between the two panes. This invading air between the panes of glass can contain varying humidity and pressure. The result is what appears to be condensation or clouding between the two panes that cannot be cleaned. The only solution is replacing the entire window.

altThe photo on the right shows a door jamb with excessive rot. Old and rotten wood parts are often the primary reason to replace windows and exterior doors. Water can easily get into the home causing mold and mildew. One might consider repairing the bottom of the door jamb with a synthetic material but one should determine if any function of the door has been compromised by the rot and water intrusion first.

The most obvious evaluation is simply to feel if there is cold air coming through your windows. Clients say they could see their curtains move on a windy day before we replaced their windows. If you feel that your home is significantly more comfortable when you pull curtains or window treatments over the windows, then you really should consider replacing your doors and windows. All this plus the evident energy savings make replacing your doors and windows an easy decision.

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altI am both proud and excited about a campaign Natelli Homes has organized with the Capital Area Food Bank as our focus for the next year.

Hunger is a staggering issue in our community. This condition is an unfortunate and often overlooked result of our country’s economic status. Poverty levels have reached new levels and thousands of people in our area simply don’t have access to appropriate food sources and proper nutrition. The CAFB serves almost 500,000 people each year through its non-profit partners. Surprisingly more than half of the households assisted by their efforts have at least one employed adult and only 5% of the recipients are homeless. Hunger and food insecurity are quickly reaching into households that were previously self-sufficient. Sadly, the numbers of children affected are an increasing component of the statistics.

Natelli Homes hopes to make continuing donations to the Capital Area Food Bank through the installation of replacement windows and doors for our clients. Our “WINDOWS FOR HUNGER” campaign will provide a constant source of funding for the programs at the CAFB. We hope to introduce our clients to the successful efforts made by the Food Bank in our area. There are many ways to contribute to the CAFB, both through volunteering and donations.

I encourage you to learn about the Capital Area Food Bank by visiting their website at www.capitalareafoodbank.org

Please share the attached coupon with anyone who might be interested in assisting the Food Bank when they install new windows or doors in their home. Look for similar opportunities on the Natelli Homes FaceBook page in the near future.

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Natelli Homes is pleased to display one of its newest product lines in Arlington this weekend.  The Ashley model is designed and developed for narrow lots in areas such as Arlington and Bethesda.

altThe original home was demolished in the latter part of 2010 and we are already getting prepared for the Owners to move in their new home.  This hand-crafted home was constructed to the same standards as the ultra-custom homes that Natelli Homes builds throughout the Washington metropoliotan area.  With four finished levels, five full bedrooms and an expansive recreation room and den in the basement, there is a surprising amount of room for families.

Please join us this Sunday, May 15th between 1:00 - 3:00 p.m at 1909 N Quebec St in Arlington, VA.  This will be a one- time opportunity to see the most current new home design and quality from Natelli Homes.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

We have seen and heard this phrase for decades, perhaps centuries, and I really doubt anyone questioned its meaning because it is so obviously true.  Whether conceived by Frederick R. Barnard in the publication, Printer's Ink, in 1921 or it truly evolved from a Chinese proverb ("a picture is worth ten thousand words") or perhaps it should be added to the many credits of Confucius, it needs no explanation.

With that in mind, tell me what you think:

altBefore & Afteralt

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