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As you're designing your dream kitchen, include yourself among the colors, materials, and layout. After all, you are the one using the kitchen after completion. The best way to approach that answer is to consider measurements of key kitchen components.


We navigate around the average countertop size, which is 34-36 inches tall. In kitchen remodeling, a better measurement is bending your arms and elbow to a ninety-degree/right angle. Design countertop space 3-4 inches below your elbow/arm. Adjusted countertop space measurements will affect countertop depth; the average is 24 inches. Countertop space surrounds the stove range or stove/oven combo. One side requires 12 inches of countertop space while a varied length is on the other side. Countertop space on both sides allows hot items a place to rest from the range and oven. It's vital that wall ovens have countertop space beside it.


Top shelves in cabinets are tough to reach for most residents. The distance between the countertop and the cabinet is 15-20 inches. Residents who aim for higher shelving can opt for shelving that touches the ceiling.  Residents aiming for lower shelving can go the minimum or include a lower cabinet beside the countertop. You can also opt for no upper cabinets. However, have enough bottom cabinet, drawer, and storage space to accommodate upper cabinet removal.


The walking space for food preparation needs at least 42 inches of walking space. The remaining walking space reduces to 36 inches. Expand the cooking space to 48 inches for two or more cooks in the home. 

Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle consists of three sides.

  • Refrigerator: placed near the kitchen entrance.  For two or more points of entry, place the refrigerator as close to the majority as possible.
  • Cooking area: usually installed near the dining area
  • Sink: installed in-between those areas

This triangle makes moving around the kitchen easier. The total combination is between 23-26 feet. Otherwise, it's going to become difficult to move around the kitchen area. The distance between two appliances is between three and seven feet.  If the triangle consists of a dishwasher and garbage disposal, aim for the maximum in feet and integrate those appliances in the triangle.

Looking at kitchen design from this point of view will make your kitchen easier to use. Customize everything to your specifications. For more information on kitchen remodeling, contact us.


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2cbf81af-8df7-4664-f9c8-7652aefa1bd5-thumbKitchen remodeling can be an exciting undertaking, but there is also a lot of thought and planning involved. Before you get started on this big project, make sure you avoid some common mistakes. This article will go over three of the biggest ones people make. 

Don't Forget About Your Lighting

People who remodel their kitchen often overlook the importance of proper lighting. By the end of the remolding project, people become so burned out that they usually just grab whatever they can find. Be sure to consider your lighting options and preferences before the remodeling process begins. This way you are not left with extra work at the tail end of the project. 

Don't "Cheap Out" on Your Flooring

Getting good flooring is an investment. The last thing you want to be stingy on is that. And make sure it is the first thing you think about before consider the rest of the design of your kitchen. 

Not Working and Consulting with the Professionals

Many people just don't have the time, resources, or expertise to do a full-blown kitchen remodeling project all on their own. Speaking with an interior designer as well as remodeling contractors will guarantee an excellently designed and built kitchen. They can also consult with you on the best steps to take and help you avoid any remodeling fiascos. On top of that, they will help you determine the best cabinets, lighting, and other additions you need to complete your kitchen.  

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