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changing-the-architectural-design-of-your-home-to-include-a-second-floor-great-falls-vaHome additions create space where there is none. When your family has outgrown the home but you cannot see leaving the area where the children are growing up and going to school just to buy a new house, adding on to the structure makes sense.

While some folks build out, we have found that changing the architectural design of your home to include a second floor instead actually has quite a few benefits.

  • Double your square footage (almost). When you build out, the square footage you have left on your property limits you. When you build up, you place another floor on top of the existing one.
  • Add multiple rooms. When you need additional bedrooms, bathrooms, a home office and a laundry room, it makes sense to go for the increase in square footage the second floor provides. Building out usually only allows you to increase the size of some of your rooms or maybe add one or two.
  • Keep your backyard. The kids love to play soccer on the lawn. You enjoy the well-deserved glass of ice-cold lemonade on a Saturday afternoon in the backyard. When you build out, you lose a great amount of yard space. Whereas in the past you may have had a nice backyard, a ground-level room addition may cut this down to a patio-sized space.
  • Avoid problems with the zoning department. Depending on your area, the zoning department regulates the set backs you must maintain on the sides and the space you must keep between your structure and the property line. In some cases, this may interfere with your need for additional space when choosing the ground floor addition.
  • Keep your options open. When you leave your backyard space untouched, you have the future option of adding a pool or a guest cottage.

The experts at Natelli Homes know that changing the architectural design of your home is something that takes careful planning and a lot of consideration. We work with you to help you make the decision that is right for you and your family now – and in the future. Contact us today for more information on second floor home additions and other remodeling projects.


custom-homes-what-to-expect-for-the-first-steps-great-falls-vaDeciding whether to buy a home or build a custom home is a major decision. It may be easy or difficult to make depending on your situation and what you want and need as a homeowner. If you are still trying to decide or you already have your mind set on custom homes, you should look into the first steps of the process as this will help you prepare for the home building process.

Determine the Size and Style

It is important and necessary to determine the size and style of the home you wish to have built. If you already know exactly what you want style-wise and have a good size in mind, all you have to do is communicate this to a home building company for them to turn it into reality.

Get Help from the Builders

If you are unsure about what you want in your home, you should not be afraid to enlist help from home builders because they have plenty of knowledge and experience that can help with this process.

Review Ideas to Find a Winner

After telling the builders what you want in a home or going through ideas with them, they will create designs for you to look at and analyze. Since building a home is a long process, there is nothing wrong with going through as many designs as you need to until you are pleased with the outcome.

Taking your time with this important process is beneficial in numerous ways. For instance, you and the builders will be happy that you are satisfied with the design and plans, and you will be far less likely to want to make any changes during the construction process, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Contact us to learn more about building a custom home.

four-affordable-bathroom-remodeling-projects-for-your-rental-property-great-falls-vaAlthough it is easy to spend thousands of dollars on a bathroom renovation when you upgrade the toilet, replace the bathtub, add radiant heat flooring, and invest in a fancy shower head, none of these projects are required to take the bathrooms in your rental property and improve them significantly.

It is possible to do affordable bathroom remodeling, you just need to be creative.

Curved Shower Rod

Instead of going with the traditional shower rod, a curved one will not only look fresh to potential tenants because most homes they see will either have a standard rod or curtain, but curved looks amazing.

It is a small purchase and simple installation that makes any bathroom look a lot more sophisticated, which is an incredible outcome to get without spending much at all.

Improved Lighting

Vanity lighting is crucial for bathrooms because this is where people often get ready in the morning. Ideally, fixtures on each side of the bathroom mirror will provide good lighting for morning prep, but a solid alternative is above the mirror if there is not enough space to fit lights on both sides.

Accent Tiles

Surrounding the entire bathroom with fancy tile can really enhance the space, but this is an expensive and time-consuming project that is simply not worth the trouble for a rental property. However, you should invest in accent tiles, which are more than satisfactory when it comes to improving bathroom looks.

Quality Fixtures

Not spending an excessive amount of money is the key to clever remodeling, even when you do get to write the expenses off on your taxes because you are making upgrades to a rental property.

In this case, spending a decent sum on nice fixtures is worthwhile, and this is because you do not need to purchase too many fixtures to fill out all of the bathrooms in your rental home.

Contact us for help with making these bathroom upgrades or other ones.

Home additions are a perfect way for a homeowner to expand room in their house. Are you looking for a new bedroom or possibly a new deck attached to your home? Whatever the reason, many homeowners take the path of a home addition to add more space to their home.

We offer home additions to the Great Falls, VA surrounding area. 

Feel free to contact us today if your looking to have a home addition done for your Great Falls, VA home.  

Our home addition customers in the Great Falls, VA area have loved the work we have done with their homes.

Our number one priority is the customer.

We love doing what we do. Every time with get a request for a Great Falls, VA home addition, we thoroughly plan out all the proper steps clearly so the homeowner knows exactly what is going on. If you are interested in a home addition for your Great Falls, VA home, please visit www.natellihomes.com and contact us today.

Offering high quality home additions to the Great Falls, VA area!

d03eeea1-2fde-46b8-dce4-4088675abff8-thumbTrends in bathroom remodeling will make the bathroom a more livable space in the New Year for people who want to extend their time pampering and primping. Bathrooms are becoming a retreat for relaxing as well as entertaining with remote-controlled TVs and other electronics. According to an article by Elle Décor, the bathroom of the New Year will be outfitted the same way the rest of the home is outfitted with everything from furniture and music to textiles, art and refrigerators. In-floor or radiant heating can make the space more comfortable so you aren’t anxious to get ready and hurry out of the bathroom. Homeowners in Maryland or Virginia can rely on the expertise of a builder offering architectural design services related to the bathroom and other areas of the home.

  • A clean, minimalist vibe

Even though a modern bathroom may have all the toys and gadgets that are found in other parts of the home, the most popular design look is modern and sleek. Framed mirrors can add some style to a bathroom without making too dramatic of a statement. Other modern features include built-in handles on bathroom cabinetry instead of pulls and knobs.

  • Individual spaces

Another consideration with bathroom remodeling is who will be using the space. Design experts say the trend is to have more individual spaces in bathrooms. Your bathroom can have different zones such as wet and dry zones. There may be designated dressing areas, private water closets and an area for applying makeup.

  • A place to linger

Because the bathroom is a place to linger in the New Year, more people may choose steam showers and soaking tubs. According to an article by Huffington Post, everything in the bathroom will be upgraded in the New Year. Experts expect a move away from tubs with shower surrounds. Bowl-shaped sinks will also be passé.

Other bathroom trends in the New Years may include the appearance of more Quartz countertops, backsplashes that make a statement and take up the entire wall instead of just a small space. Also, the bathroom of today may come with a seating area. For parents taking care of small children at bath time, a seating area can be practical and more comfortable.

At Natelli Homes, we can help you remodel your bathroom, kitchen or other spaces in the New Year in your Maryland or Virginia home. For more information on our architectural and remodeling services, please contact us.

e6b0d800-4991-48bf-d209-096dc568138f-thumbGreat Rooms or family rooms are still the primary spot where families come together for relaxation and entertainment. If your home has an outdated, cramped family room, you may want to look at home additions that either expand your family room space or offer you a totally new Great Room in space that didn’t exist before. The style of your family room should blend with the rest of the home, but can also stand out as an architectural and design statement. According to an article by Real Simple, prints, patterns, textures and colors can all be used to give your Great Room the “great” look and feel you want.

A cozy Great Room

If you like a rustic or the Craftsman style, you may want to have professionals install hardwood, pine or maple floors, beamed ceilings and a stone fireplace. White coffered ceilings with a matching white fireplace mantel and surround and entertainment center can give your Great Room a clean, sophisticated look.

An airy Great Room

For an airy and open Great Room, consider using two French doors with transom windows that overlook a landscaped yard or opens to a scenic view. Using white or light ceramic, stone or porcelain tile floors can also help create a more expansive space. A company that provides architectural design services can advise you on the best way to construct home additions that take advantage of the best views and yard space. Having an unobstructed view through a wall of windows is the way to achieve light and airy.

A white-on-white Great Room

A monochromatic Great Room or all-white space can work, according to Real Simple. The key is to include textures such as crocheted items and wool rugs. To add some color to a white Great Room, consider ocean blue and lime green accents. Silver accents in terms of lighting, mirrors and coffee tables will add a modern feel.

When taking on a home remodeling project, most homeowners think about the Great Room at the same time they are renovating their kitchens. If you have an outdated kitchen, you may want to tear down a wall between the kitchen and family room.

At Natelli Homes, we provide architectural design services for our valued clients in Maryland and Virginia. For more information on home additions including the addition of a Great Room or expansion of an open kitchen and living room, please contact us.

162e1203-55ca-45ed-9788-4d381f4accd8-thumbWhether you own a split level home, an American Four Square or contemporary-style home in Maryland or Virginia, your kitchen is undoubtedly the hub of your home. A variety of products and materials that were popular in the past are making a big resurgence in the kitchen. Even if you don’t want a completely retro kitchen, it can be fun to explore the different kitchen remodeling trends as part of an eclectic design. According to an article that cited the National Remodeling Foundation, homeowners are embracing retro styling for their remodeling projects to achieve self-expression.

Retro and vintage appliances

When undergoing a major kitchen remodeling project, you may want to replace all of your outdated appliances. Ironically, what’s trending in new appliances is the old. Some refrigerators have a retro, mid-century modern type of design while being energy-efficient. Instead of the standard white or stainless steel, consider customizing appliances in bold colors.

Linoleum floors

Checker, plaid or painted linoleum floors can give your kitchen a vintage look. Linoleum floors are eco-friendly, comfortable and quiet. Made out of natural ingredients such as ground cork dust, limestone and linseed oil, linoleum is biodegradable and stylish. For a modern or creative kitchen, you can create patterned floor using linoleum tile. It’s a great tile for older people who can’t stand for long times on stone or hardwood surfaces.

Unique kitchen backsplashes

Another way to add some retro excitement to your kitchen remodeling project is to incorporate a decorative backsplash. If the rest of your kitchen is “busy” with patterns and color, it may be best to choose a neutral subway tile. Otherwise, you can afford to liven up the space with a playful backsplash in green, brown and blue glass tiles. Another option is stainless steel vintage kitchen backsplash to go with retro appliances.

Natelli Homes can help you remodel your kitchen as well as renovate your entire homes. No matter what the scale of the project, we provide architecture design services and lend our creativity and expertise to homeowners living in Virginia or Maryland. For more information, please contact us.