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Wed 03 September 2014

Bathroom Remodeling: Things to Consider During Your Bathroom Remodel | Mclean VA Email Print

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735166b7-3ebe-499b-f33b-055a02ad0bdcWhen prioritizing the list of remodels they want to do in their home, many homeowners put their bathroom at the top of their list. This decision is generally driven by the amount of time individuals spend in their bathroom each day, and the amount to which the use of this room could be improved by remodeling it. This can be a smart decision for homeowners to make as bathroom remodels can go a long way in adding to the value of a home. However, before you begin renovating your bathroom, here are a few things you should take into consideration before you begin your bathroom remodel.

Do you need a bathtub?

Many homeowners feel as if they are supposed to have a bathtub in their home. However, if you are trying to customize your bathroom, you should consider your bathroom routine when deciding what you will include in your renovation. If you are the type of person who does not take baths, it may not be necessary to include a bathtub in your remodel. Removing the bathtub from your bathroom could free up space in during the renovation for other add-ons.

Shower Options

Today, the options for what you can include in your shower are almost endless. From various heads, sprays, and nozzles, to different lighting options, you have the ability to create a shower that would outshine anything from even the fanciest resort. Thusly, before you begin your remodel, you should decide what type of shower you would like. Is a traditional showerhead fine, or would you like to have a rain shower put in? You could even choose to have a steam shower in your bathroom.


Just as the possibilities are endless for how you can customize your shower, there are even more options available for amenities you can add to your bathroom to add to its spa feel. Whether you would like to add heated towel racks and floors, or a sophisticated sound system, your bathroom can be as simple or as extravagant as you choose it to be. Many homeowners are even choosing to have a TV installed in their renovated bathroom.

As you can see, there are many decisions you will have to make before you begin your bathroom remodel. This can often leave homeowners feeling overwhelmed by the decisions, as well as the amount of work, that lies ahead of them. Thusly, it could be advantages for you to hire a professional to take care of the remodel process for you, as you will have enough to take care of making choices for your bathroom remodel.



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Wed 27 August 2014

5 Cost-Effective and Efficient Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Save You Money | Potomac MD Email Print

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It's no hidden secret in the renovation and rehabilitation world, bathroom remodeling jobs are incredibly expensive and, what's worse, this often prevents people from completing even the smallest of jobs in fear that they simply don't have enough capital to do it right.

Well, we're here to tell you that remodeling your bathroom doesn't have to cost five figures. It is very possible to make vast improvements to your space without taking out a second mortgage.

Here are five cost-effective, and simple to apply, tips to help you remodel your bathroom while increasing your return on investment (ROI).

Size Matters Not

A highly effective bathroom that functions in an efficient manner can be just as useful as increasing the square footage of a bathroom (but cost thousands less). Reorganize and re-equip where it fits best; remove things that limit room; modify for maximum space. The reward will pay for itself.

Natural Light Pleases

If your bathroom doesn't have a window, but you wish it did, then consider adding natural light before you take to cutting a hole in a wall. Products that simulate light from out-of-doors can fool our brain, and cost far less than a new window.

Demolition is Rehabilitation

By far the most cathartic (plus simplest and cheapest!) way to save on a bathroom remodel is to do your own demo. All you really need is a quality reciprocating saw, a sledge hammer, and a "proceed with care" attitude, and you can save thousands not hiring it out.

Repurposing Goods

To save big, ask your contractor or sub-contractor if they know of any sources where there was leftover goods for you to use. Many times on larger jobs resources are over-bought. This is a great way for you to get some quality, unused hardwoods and fixturing for cheap.

Save on the Back-end

Just like saving money on demo, you can apply the same methodology to finish work as well. No need to hire someone to insulate, clean-up, or paint, those types of jobs can be completed in mere hours, but can save you hundreds if not thousands when your "DIY it." Pitch in and save big!


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Wed 20 August 2014

Tear Down that Wall Theory in Home Remodeling | Arlington VA Email Print

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A 1940s bungalow can be the perfect way to feel comfortable with a solid structure filled with character, plus affordable mortgage payments.  One drawback to older dwellings, however, is the lack of space.  Small rooms and low ceilings can cause a claustrophobic atmosphere that no amount of decorating can solve.  Discover how home remodeling can address these issues by removing walls and expanding space.

Many walls are merely a partition that offers privacy and separation.  Unless a vertical beam supports the structure, it can be removed.  For example, a galley kitchen can instantly find light from an adjoining dining room by removing a wall and allowing extra room and light.  This type of move opens up all types of possibilities of rearranging cabinets and  appliances, blending the two areas into one.

Exterior walls always possess load bearing beams.  These should never be removed without first consulting a contractor.  Interior walls may have beams that support the integrity of the home from roof to foundation and also need to be left in place.  These supports can be found by following beams from the roof to the basement, or crawl space.  Remember, unless your home remodeling project includes adding an additional room, steer clear of expansion with an exterior wall and never compromise a supporting interior beam.

Focus on the surrounding rooms of the kitchen.  Perhaps there is a utility room or pantry on the opposite side of a kitchen wall.  By moving this wall a couple of feet, you can push back appliances, still have space for a stacked washer and dryer, and create a built-in look for appliances or cabinets and counters.  You can also bring light into the kitchen area by removing the top half of a wall and making an attractive bar between the kitchen and a living room.  Hang traditional shutters for privacy or leave open for socializing and conversation.


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Wed 13 August 2014

Kitchen Remodeling: Things to Consider During Your Next Kitchen Remodel | Bethesda MD Email Print

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cbb6912b-c134-4401-a74d-787cfdd6aadbRenovating one’s kitchen can be an exciting prospect. For many homeowners, kitchen remodeling is their chance to finally be able to turn their outdated kitchen into the gourmet dream kitchen they have always desired. However, before you grab a hammer and start demolishing your kitchen, there are some things you will want to consider about your remodel. Knowing how you want your finished kitchen to look before you begin your remodel is imperative in ensuring that the remodel goes as smoothly as possible. Here are a few things you should consider before you begin your kitchen remodel.


How you want your new kitchen to be laid out is something you will have to take into consideration before beginning your remodel. Will your kitchen remain basically the same, or will your new kitchen have a completely different design and flow? This is important for you to consider as it could have an effect on the way you go about your remodel. For instance, many homeowners have chosen to incorporate their living/dining space into their kitchens creating a great room in their home. If you decide to attempt something like this, it will be necessary for you to hire a contractor and a kitchen designer to help you transform your space.


Another decision you will have to make before you begin your remodel is what new appliances you will want to purchase for your kitchen. It is important to choose appliances as early in the remodel process as possible due to the fact that the appliances you choose could have an effect on the way your new kitchen is designed. Your renovation will have to take the dimensions, as well as the color and design, of your new appliances into account as this could alter the way you choose to layout your kitchen, and the design scheme you choose to go with.

Making basic decisions such as these ones before you begin your kitchen remodel will go a long way in helping to make the remodel process go smoothly. Furthermore, for those who have never before attempted a kitchen remodel, it can be beneficial to hire a professional kitchen remodel company to remodel your kitchen for you. Doing so will help to ensure that you get the gourmet kitchen you have always dreamed of. 

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Wed 06 August 2014

4 Lessons Learned from Tiny House Architectural Design | Chevy Chase MD Email Print

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9a8f9260-a0fe-48f9-e941-4d96e1609108We've been working in homes for over 30 years, so we've seen many trends come and go. One architectural design trend that's really hot right now is the tiny house movement. These houses are less than 300 square feet and are often built on trailers to make them transportable. Builders use smart storage ideas to utilize every square inch of space in these tiny houses, and owners like that they can have a home that's eco-friendly and affordable. Tiny house builders can be found all over the country, and each one is putting their own unique twist on these micro-homes. 

Can't imagine living with your family in 150 square feet? We can't blame you. But there are several important lessons we can learn from the tiny house movement and apply to nearly every home: 

  1. Smaller doesn't mean less fabulous. Small bathrooms don't have to feel cramped, and small kitchens don't have to be cluttered. By really looking at the space you have and making design decisions that work with your room, even the tiniest room can look well put-together and useful. 
  2. Going green can be easy. Taking small steps to help ensure your home isn't being a drain on your resources doesn't have to be difficult, and it can even save you money. Do little things like integrate recycling bins alongside your trash cans, install new energy-efficient appliances, and use eco-friendly products in your home renovation projects. 
  3. Running out of space? Look up. Something that tiny homes do incredibly well is use the space that they have, and often that space is up high. They put shelves along ceiling lines or a bed in the attic space. If your home is feeling cluttered, look up for additional storage space. Hang storage cubes at the ceiling and add baskets for things you don't use often, or consider finishing your attic and giving your family a bonus room. 
  4. Sometimes rethinking your current space is a better option than getting a bigger space. More space means more room for clutter. Instead of moving your family into a bigger home, maybe you just need to rethink your current space and make better use of it. Contacting a design firm to help you rethink your space can give you a fresh perspective on your home's potential. 

We can help you see your home with fresh eyes! Let's talk about the home renovation project that will help your home function more efficiently, give you the space you need, and update its look. We love helping people fall in love with their homes all over again, and the tiny house movement is a great place to find big inspiration! 

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Thu 31 July 2014

How to Utilize Kitchen Remodeling without Spending a Lot of Money | Great Falls VA Email Print

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043b9b9e-915c-4adc-b669-9f552824f8ddWhile it is pretty easy for homeowners to get into kitchen remodels that cost a lot of money, this is not required to turn a decent kitchen into a beautiful one. It does require a little bit of creativity though, so considering all of your options for inexpensive kitchen remodeling will help you make the right choices that will have you satisfied with the overall look and function of your kitchen for years.

Reface and Repaint Cabinets Instead of Replacing Them

Replacing your cabinets is an excellent way to remodel your kitchen, but doing this is not an inexpensive process. Instead, you can have professionals reface your cabinets to match your favorite style, and then you can have the cabinets painted to further improve the appearance.

Add a New and Fresh Backsplash

In regard to inexpensive updates, you cannot go wrong with a backsplash. It is possible to get rather creative with a backsplash as there are so many options, but the most important detail to consider when it comes to inexpensive remodeling is that quite a few backsplash options do not cost a lot of money.

Choose an Inexpensive Countertop

If you are looking to give your kitchen a major overhaul in appearance and function, you can do this by getting all new countertops. While a granite countertop may be out of the picture for budget remodeling, you still have a number of great options including laminate, solid wood, ceramic tile, and recycled glass.

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Thu 24 July 2014

3 Things to Look for in an Architectural Design Service | Mclean VA Email Print

Written by Bob Johnson. Categories: Remodeling, Renovations Tags: Architectural Design McLean Virginia, architectural design, home remodeling, home remodeling Mclean VA

46552a7e-6e8c-4844-fb98-5ea8f802fa2aThe overall success of your project hinges heavily on many deciding factors. Planning, design scheme, if it is a brand new building, or your are working with an existing structure are just a few of the issues you will need to discuss. So which architectural design service you choose can make all the difference.

So whether it's a new custom home, a renovation or an addition, here are 3 tips on choosing the right architectural design service for the job.


Just as you did for your new project, doing proper research when you are trying to find a skilled and experienced architectural designer is key to its success. Look them up on the Internet, call to speak to them in person, meet them at their office, view other projects they've completed, and ask for testimonials, request copies of their previous work, and so on. The more you know, the less stress you'll have in the future.


Talking about price for many people is difficult, and staying within a budget may be non-negotiable for some owner's. For this reason, always get detailed, written estimates of price, which contains specifics and details itemizing the project down to every cent you plan to spend. Look for a "cost objective" at the very start of the project, even if you are planning a brand new home. This way, when it comes time to make the choice, you can use each quoted price as a means to decide.

Top-Notch Service

Prices can be a huge factor for what choice you make. But sometimes this isn't always for the best. While a lower price may seem attractive at the beginning, what's more important in a lot of instances is capability, skill level, and the service being offered. For this reason, deciding on an architectural design service for your project should also include that the services being offered exceed your expectations, not just meet them. 


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Thu 17 July 2014

Improve the Functionality of a Small Bathroom with Bathroom Remodeling | Potomac MD Email Print

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When you purchase a home, you may run into a situation where a bathroom is just really small, and the previous homeowner either decided on a poor design, or they did not fix the problem after buying. It is an issue that some people avoid tackling, but it is worthwhile, especially when it is a bathroom that you would like to use and rely on the fact you can use it on a regular basis.

Utilize Every Bit of Space, Especially Corners

In order to create the most function for your bathroom, you should try to use all available space. However, it is important to have enough walking room and room to move around after leaving the toilet, getting out of the shower, or stepping out of the bathtub. Ideally, you should try to use the corners of a bathroom to your advantage as this is space you are not likely to walk on or around. For instance, you can put additional storage in this area, which can reduce your need for storage elsewhere.

Choose a Single-Hole Faucet Model

It is best to have patience with bathroom remodeling, and this is because it can be a time-consuming process, especially when you have to deal with the plumbing of your home. However, replacing a faucet is generally quite simple, but this is not the reason it makes for an excellent part of your renovation. Switching to a single-hole faucet not only saves space, but these new water faucets are generally more energy-efficient compared to older models, which means energy savings on your side.

Downsize Your Toilet and Benefit in Multiple Ways

While a round toilet may usually be the smallest option compared to an elongated toilet, this is not always the case. Most homeowners enjoy the additional space that comes with an elongated toilet bowel, and while the majority of people would not consider it for a small bathroom, there are actually compact elongated toilets that are the same size of round toilets.

It is an outstanding choice for those looking to improve their bathroom while not consuming any extra space. Additionally, you cannot go wrong with new toilets as there are very energy-efficient models, even models that have a dual-flush option to avoid wasting water unnecessarily.


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Thu 10 July 2014

5 Advantages of Building a Custom Home | Arlington VA Email Print

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ca5cdc8d-aa08-4b8b-a114-1cc1478a2f3dWhat more could you ask for in terms of building your dream? A custom home that is built exactly to the highest level quality, is truly one-of-a-kind, and exceeds the standards of used homes may not be as difficult as you think to attain. 

Here are just a few of the advantages of building a custom home.


If you want a home that is exactly you, a custom home is the route to go. They stand out in a crowd, march to the beat of their own drum, and are architecturally unique. You can include and exclude any features you want.

Range of Materials

Because a custom home is built to your specifications, you can choose to design it in any way you see fit. This includes the facade. You can have it crafted as log cabin, a brick townhouse, or even a New Mexico pueblo-style if you'd like. The sky's the limit.

Energy Conscious

Older, used homes either have to be upgraded to meet current green standards, which can be very expensive, or it's simply not possible to complete in their current state. With a custom home, however, you can start from scratch with things like solar panels, insulation, water-saving features, and recycled building materials, all of which lead to less of an ecological footprint and greater efficiency savings.

Lifestyle Amenities

Searching for a home that includes all of the aspects your lifestyle needs can be a nightmare. But with a custom home, you can have all of the amenities you are looking for from the very beginning. Breezy, screened-in sun porch? Yep. Fitness swimming pool? Sure. Home theater? Absolutely. You can have anything you want.

Intragenerational Living

With a custom home you can design your needs right into your lifestyle. With more and more families living together longer, children moving back home, and elders moving in with children, a custom home is the perfect way to tailor your home to fit your lifestyle. 


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Thu 03 July 2014

Small, Space-Saving Home Additions | Bethesda MD Email Print

Written by Bob Johnson. Categories: Remodeling, Renovations Tags: Additions Bethesda Maryland, additions bethesda md, additions, home renovations, home remodeling


Smaller home additions have as much impact as large ones.  If you lack the space to expand, it's time to be creative.  Work with the existing structure and add only the things you need.  Here are some ideas for a small and effective home expansion.

Turning unused space into something new is a great cost-saving idea. 

  • Evaluate the home and determine if the space is currently in use.  For example, if you never use the dining room, merge the table with the kitchen and turn that dining room space into something else. Another example is turning a small room into an exercise room, laundry room or walk-in closet.
  • Unused small rooms can attach to the adjacent room to make the space larger.  You will have to knock down the wall separating them, if possible.  For example, merge the dining room space with the kitchen or living room space.
  • Use attic, storage or basement space into something useful.  Additional bedroom, closet space and kids rooms are great examples.

If you do need to tack on additional space, be specific.  You want the investment to be worth every penny. 

  • Add a carport, garage or driveway to the property.  After dents and scratches from being on the side of the street, your car will thank you.  Garages take up so much land, but provide 360-degree shelter for your car.  In addition, people can use the walls of the garage for storage.  A carport is a cheaper option providing sidewalls and a roof for shelter. If you want storage, you can give up space for a small utility closet.  A third option is to create a driveway; while it doesn't shield your car, at least it's off the street.
  • Prefer outdoor gatherings or enjoying the view? A patio, sunroom or deck is your solution.
  1. Sunrooms are enclosed glass chambers where families and friends can enjoy the outdoors without going outdoors.  Place sunrooms near the kitchen, living room or dining room in an area where the outdoor view is breathtaking and the sun hits the room during the day.
  2. Patios are an alternative to sunrooms.  Installation is at the back of the home.  Some patios come with ceilings and walls; some don't.
  3. Decks don't come with ceilings or enclosures, but are a great place to feel the wind, look at the view and host gatherings.  It's great for anyone to be in the thick of outdoor space.
  • Fireplaces bring people together, so it's no wonder it's a popular home addition feature.  Fireplaces come in many shapes and styles.  As far as function, there are three kinds: wood burning, electric and gas.  Choose to install one inside or outside the home.  Place the fireplace in an area where it will be used a lot (patio, living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom).

Home additions are large and extravagant operations.  It doesn't have to be.  By being creative, you can get the most out of the space allotted with visually pleasing results. 


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