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Thu 18 June 2015

Bathroom Remodeling Expert Gives 5 Hot Bathroom Vanity Trends | McLean, VA Email Print

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A bathroom vanity says a lot about the room it is in. Because of how little space bathrooms often occupy, the vanity is usually the point of focus for aesthetics and use.

But, just like with all bathroom remodeling trends, styles lose and gain popularity depending on the season and year.

So to help you out, here are 5 trends in bathroom vanities for those interested in stepping up their bathroom game this year.

1. Black is in. Yes, painting a vanity black is starting to take off this year. If a new coat of paint isn't in the cards, consider adding black accents, like a new faucet or hardware. 

2. Gravity-defying vanities are picking up steam. Though not as space-aged as they sound, wall-mounted vanities look great and give a little extra space below for those interested in creating their own organizational methods.

3. Rustic vanities that recall the days of old are finding their way into bathrooms everywhere. Called "Modern Rustic," vanities that evoke this period's design bring a vintage and warm feel to any bathroom. For real rustic, consider refinishing an old cabinet and doing it yourself.

4. Add a bowl topper for chic and classy. Vessel-topped vanities are alluring because they are unique and eye-catching. Though originally designed to mimic cottage styles, new designs are showing homeowners that bowls are coming full circle, and are ready for the modern home.

5. Once, pedestal style sinks ruled bathroom design. Then modern took over. However, after a short absence, pedestal sinks are back with a vengeance. The charm they bring is unparalleled, and for those who like classic blended with elegant, a pedestal sink is the way to go.

A bathroom remodel isn't complete without a new vanity. It's important to remember, however, that you choose what suits your taste and design, not just what is popular. Because when it's said and done, your bathroom should be about you and your needs.

For more information on how we can help you, contact us any time.

Thu 11 June 2015

A Go-To Guide for a Bathroom Remodeling Dream | Arlington, VA Email Print

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If you are dreaming about transforming the smallest rooms in your Maryland or Virginia home, it’s likely you are ready for a bathroom remodeling plan. Just because most bathrooms are small doesn’t mean they don’t make a big impact on your lifestyle and design statement. According to an article by bankrate.com, you need a bathroom remodeling plan when hiring a professional. Because you have limited space in a bathroom, it’s critical to have a comprehensive plan that includes lighting and storage.

  • Should you enlarge your bathroom?

One of the great advantages of hiring a builder is that you can find out how much it would cost to enlarge a bathroom. A builder that specializes in bathroom remodeling will often advise you to enlarge the space by using space from a nearby closet or hallway or bedroom. Most people only enlarge master bathrooms or bathrooms adjacent to a guest suite. A powder room near the kitchen or laundry area is often fine as a small space.

  • Is it best to remove a tub?

In order to install over-sized showers that are so popular now, many architects advise removing tubs in at least one of the bathrooms. Typically, people want a large shower and garden tub in the master bathroom suite. However, a tub that isn’t used in a second or third bathroom is space that's simply wasted.

  • How do you prioritize?

Other factors to consider when prioritizing a bathroom remodeling job include storage and lighting. For the most part, lighting is a fairly inexpensive part of the equation although it’s good to invest in quality decorative lighting and task lighting. The cabinets' configuration plays into the storage equation. Some of the other decision to make include whether or not to spend more money on upgraded vanities, sinks and flooring.

If aging-in-place is something you worry about, talk to your builder about universal design features. Whether it’s a grab bar in the shower, a shower that you won’t trip getting into or out of or a toilet at the right height, universal design appeals to older homeowners as well as people taking care of aging relatives. But even if you are decades away from retirement, universal design elements help boost resale value.

At Natelli Homes, we can help you transform your bathrooms. We provide architectural and design services in Maryland and Virginia. For more ideas for a bathroom remodeling project, please contact us.

Thu 04 June 2015

Top 5 Home Remodeling Budget Mistakes to Avoid | Chevy Chase, MD Email Print

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Whether you are drawing up architectural designs for a new staircase or have been thinking of a kitchen remodel, working with an expert in the field has its advantages. Not only do you get hands-on assistance with respect to the planning, but you also avoid costly home remodeling budget mistakes that are very easy to make. Five such mistakes in particular stand out.

  1. The wishful budget. You intend to not spend a mint on remodeling the kitchen. In fact, you are estimating conservatively and vow to stay within your budget. Yet a few hiccups and the must-have seven-bottle mirrored wine cooler later, you have already blown your budget without being halfway through the remodel. The lesson here is simple: Set a realistic budget that allows for surprises and the little extras.
  2. Broad ideas vs. detailed visions. Kitchen remodeling is not for the faint of heart. It is also not for those who do not have a detailed vision for what they want to see. Be specific! The more detailed you are in your instructions to the contractor, the easier it is for the professional to find you the right materials and hardware that suits your need. Plenty of additional expenses can be avoided by being detailed from the start.
  3. Pinching pennies on materials. Lasagna is only as tasty as the high-quality ingredients that you put into it. Even the best builder will have a difficult time constructing you a dream porch for your home when you buy cut-rate lumber and pinch pennies on quality materials. Although it is always best to aim for inexpensive materials, going cheap is not the answer for a quality construction project.
  4. Keeping mum. Your contractor needs to hear from you. When you see something you want to incorporate into the design, find that beautiful customized tub for your bathroom remodeling or want to add anything else that may affect the plans already made, it is crucial that you let your contractor know right away. The further along the project proceeds without you mentioning any changes, the costlier it is to make these very changes later on.
  5. Changing your mind. Every time you change your mind, there will be additional expenses. It is that simple. While there is nothing wrong with changing your mind on a color or design detail here and there, consistently revamping plans and asking for changes to customized building components is costly.

At Natelli Homes, we know that you have plenty of questions about starting your home remodeling project and staying on track. Contact us today for more information on the best remodel budgeting practices and to find out how we can help you with your next project.

Thu 28 May 2015

Spring and Summer Kitchen Remodeling Trends: High-tech and Cozy | Potomac, MD Email Print

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If you are like most people living in Maryland and Virginia, the smell of hyacinths and the sight of tulips and irises inspire you to clean and renovate your home. Your kitchen is the most common beneficiary of the desire to upgrade, improve and remodel. According to an article by U.S. News & World Report on kitchen remodeling trends, how you renovate kitchen and baths will affect future resale vale. Some people rather remodel their kitchens for their own family rather than worry about what a potential buyer down the road will think. If you are living in your forever home, explore what you like with a company that specializes in remodeling and renovation services.

  • Creating a cozier living space

Instead of having a kitchen that opens up into a Great Room with high ceilings, many home owners prefer an open kitchen-family room. The kitchen is larger than ever before. As part of your kitchen remodeling, consider drop ceilings to create intimacy in the family room, enlarging the kitchen area and adding a kitchen island.

  • Replacing outdated countertops

If you have been living with granite countertops in a color that you no longer love, consider Quartzite and Caesarstone, which are low maintenance choices. Marble is a classic choice for people in an upscale, luxury home. In addition to removing outdated kitchens and cabinets, remove the obsolete kitchen desks.

  • Going high-tech and homey

While almost every home owner today embraces technology that makes their lives easier, there is also an interest in getting back to a simple way of life. Your kitchen remodeling plan can incorporate elements of the high-tech modern world as well as the homey cozy farmhouse look. To achieve a farmhouse kitchen look, bring in a large farmhouse table. Use natural materials such as slate floors, butcher block counters and wooden beams on the ceilings. Other ideas include installing distressed wide plant flooring, antique or vintage items and open shelving.

At Natelli Homes, we build a variety of homes as well as renovate kitchens, bathrooms and entire homes. Whether you want to transform your existing home or feel interested in a new construction four-square home, cottage design or modern split-levels, we provide stellar architectural and design services. For more information on a kitchen remodel in Maryland or Virginia, please contact us.

Thu 21 May 2015

Custom Homes: What to Expect for the First Steps | Great Falls, VA Email Print

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custom-homes-what-to-expect-for-the-first-steps-great-falls-vaDeciding whether to buy a home or build a custom home is a major decision. It may be easy or difficult to make depending on your situation and what you want and need as a homeowner. If you are still trying to decide or you already have your mind set on custom homes, you should look into the first steps of the process as this will help you prepare for the home building process.

Determine the Size and Style

It is important and necessary to determine the size and style of the home you wish to have built. If you already know exactly what you want style-wise and have a good size in mind, all you have to do is communicate this to a home building company for them to turn it into reality.

Get Help from the Builders

If you are unsure about what you want in your home, you should not be afraid to enlist help from home builders because they have plenty of knowledge and experience that can help with this process.

Review Ideas to Find a Winner

After telling the builders what you want in a home or going through ideas with them, they will create designs for you to look at and analyze. Since building a home is a long process, there is nothing wrong with going through as many designs as you need to until you are pleased with the outcome.

Taking your time with this important process is beneficial in numerous ways. For instance, you and the builders will be happy that you are satisfied with the design and plans, and you will be far less likely to want to make any changes during the construction process, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Contact us to learn more about building a custom home.

Thu 14 May 2015

Budget Bathroom Remodeling Ideas | McLean, VA Email Print

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budget-bathroom-remodeling-ideas-mclean-vaBathrooms are one of the first rooms in the house to age, and an old bathroom can look ugly and get dirty faster. While bathroom renovation is expensive, these budget bathroom remodeling ideas will help you overhaul a dated bathroom without blowing your budget. 

Budget Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

  • Replace shower tile and glass - Colored shower tile and frosted glass make a bathroom look old. If you're on a limited budget and your existing tile or shower door is chipped, worn, filthy, or looks old, this can be a great way to punch up the bathroom without spending a lot. 
  • Update bathroom lighting - Dim rooms just look old. If your bathroom lacks adequate lighting, or has an old, baseline bathroom fan and light, updating this aspect of the room can instantly freshen the look and feel of your bathroom. 
  • Update fixtures - If you really don't have a lot of money but need to refresh your bathroom, replace your sink faucets, towel racks, and drawer pulls. This will immediately give your bathroom a new look and feel. If you rent your home and hate your bathroom, this is something you can do to improve your quality of life. 
  • Modernize your bathroom - Eco-friendly bathroom upgrades can cut your water usage and lower your bills. Simply by switching your shower head for a low-flow model and switching to a low-flow toilet, you'll save money down the road. 

With more than 30 years of experience, Natelli Homes is an expert in home remodeling, including inexpensive bathroom remodeling. To learn more about our services, or to get a quote to remodel your bathroom, please contact us. Thank you!

Thu 07 May 2015

Adding the Final Touches to Your Home Remodeling Job? Consider French Revival | Arlington, VA Email Print

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adding-the-final-touches-to-your-home-remodeling-job-consider-french-revival-arlington-vaWhen the home remodeling job is finished, and you are left with a beautiful new space to spend your time in, the job doesn't stop there. 

Sure, the walls are up, your old stuff is sitting at ready, but isn't it time that you change a few more things up? 

Decorating a home is just as integral to the look and feel as is the remodeling job. The style you choose matters to how the home functions in its aesthetic. 

So while we don't think that one style is ever better than another, we do think that French revival is elegant enough to suit your style. Here are some tips on decorating for the Francophile hidden inside you.

- Buckets designed for purposes other than Champagne set off a room's look, giving a rustic appearance without obvious overtones.

- Bring the bistro in by adding a simple set of table and chairs that scream patio dining. Take a look at the Left Bank on Paris, and you'll see why French Revival design is entering dining areas all over the U.S.

- Trunks and cases work well for hiding things away, but work just as well as focal pieces for design and room structure. Stack them with style, and add a lovely throw of cloth to bring in the Old World.

- Replace that old sofa or love seat with a new chaise lounge. The long-used seat works well in any room where relaxation is on the agenda, and lets your guests envy your refined taste.

- Bring in classic china for sophistication, and add a certain "je ne sais quas," as the French say, to your formal dining area. Quaint and pretty matching cups and saucers invite and delight when it's time for tea.

Redecorating a room after a remodel is like working with a blank slate. The world you imagine is up to you. The only limitation is how far you can dream.

For more information on home remodeling, please contact us any time.

Thu 30 April 2015

Home Additions: Add an Office to Perform Work from Home | Chevy Chase, MD Email Print

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home-additions-add-an-office-to-perform-work-from-home-chevy-chase-mdWhether you are self-employed or have a job that can be done from home on occasion or full-time, not having an office in your home can prevent you from actually working from home. If this describes your situation, one of the greatest home additions to consider is an office, which not only allows you to work from home, but provides a number of other benefits that make it worthwhile.

Tax Deductions

When you have a designated area where you do your work at home, you can add the adjusted costs of the room compared to your home and deduct them on your taxes. It is also possible to deduct cost of the equipment you buy solely for working at home, which will help you save on getting the proper equipment and furnishings that allow you to perform all of your work-related tasks from home.

Saves Money

While a home office provides tax savings, there are other, even more substantial savings to enjoy. For instance, not having to make a long commute five or six days a week adds up quickly, especially when you consider how much less maintenance and fewer repairs your car will need by driving less frequently.

It is also beneficial because if you do rent office space, you no longer have to do so, thus eliminating a considerable expense with one fell swoop, thus further demonstrating the perks of a home office.

Create an Ideal Environment

Working in an office or at your workplace may not always be the ideal work environment for you, but with a home office, you can design, furnish, and decorate it how you want to create an ideal workplace.

Having this will often lead to greater productivity, which will either lead to getting your work done sooner, or being able to squeeze in more work within your work schedule.

Get Started with No Delay

Another benefit regarding time is that a home office enables you to get started as soon as you are ready, as opposed to having to get cleaned up, dressed, and then make the commute to work.

In some cases, you can save an hour or more off of your daily commitment, which means you get to spend an extra hour at home, relaxing, and spending time with your family.

If you are interested in adding a home office, contact us to learn more.

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Thu 23 April 2015

3 Home Remodeling Tips for Your Laundry Room | Bethesda, MD Email Print

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3-home-remodeling-tips-for-your-laundry-room-bethesda-mdLaundry rooms are often over-looked when people begin considering home remodeling jobs. So much focus is placed on living rooms, kitchens, and baths that laundry rooms never get the love that they deserve.

Well, we think it's time for that to change...

If there ever was a room that needs a makeover, it's the laundry room. A place that conjures up pictures of, well, not too much for most people. Perhaps that's why it needs the love we think it does!

Here are 3 tips on turning your laundry room into a place you will want to spend more time in.

Home Integration: It's becoming more and more common for homeowners to integrate laundry rooms into other rooms of their home, saying goodbye to tucked away, drab rooms designed for one thing. In fact, in new architecture, laundry rooms resemble kitchens in placement, form and function, and some even have islands and built-ins.

Space Efficiency: In smaller homes attempting to be more energy and space conscious, laundry rooms have worked themselves into some of the more functional rooms. It's not at all uncommon to see laundry centers worked into bathrooms and kitchens, leaving what would have been the laundry room open for more square footage, like a guest bedroom.

Make it Pop: For homes where laundry is still its own function, separated into its own part of the home, seek design opportunities that turn normal laundry rooms in beacons of luxury. Consider it a necessary room in your home; paint it rich, inspiring colors; redesign parts that don't work for you and your family. Also, if your appliances are outdated, work new, modern washers and dryers into your budget, and enjoy the laundry room you always wanted. 

Isn't it about time you turned your laundry room into the space you've always wanted? If the answer is yes, then contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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Tue 12 May 2015

Potomac, MD Home Additions Email Print

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Home additions give homeowners a way to enhance the space and look of their home. Many Potomac, MD homeowners have undergone this process when they realize they might be running out of space with the current state of thier house!

We offer our home additions services to the surrounding Potomac, MD area. 

Feel free to contact us today if you would like to undergo a home additions project for your home.  

Our Potomac, MD home addition clients have been thrilled with the work we have done for them.

Our number one priority is the customer.

We love doing what we do. Having a proper plan is imperative for any home project, especially regarding home additions. If a home additions project interests you, please visit www.natellihomes.com and contact us today.

Offering high quality home additions to the Potomac, MD area!